Trendy Foods Invade the internet


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Abigail Richman, Eastside Business Editor

For most people today, ordering food at restaurants has become a major dilemma. Not because of the exotic taste, but because people worry how many likes it will get on Instagram. “Trendy” foods are seen across several social media accounts that are eye-catching to almost everyone.

“The crazier looking and tasting the food is, the more hype it will get. For example, the “milk and cookie shot” from Dominique Ansel Bakery became so popular because of the new way of approaching the classic chocolate chip cookie,” said Isabel Kaufman (‘17).

Trendy, new foods are commonly seen on “Insider” videos across Facebook. As people start to rapidly share them, the food tends to grow in popularity. Foods that incorporate hybrids such as the “cronut” and the “ramen burger” have become trendy not only because of their astounding tastes, but because of their picturesque styles. Soon, people begin to locate these different foods and they then become a trend throughout social media.  

“When taking a picture on my food-Instagram account, @izzysnoms, it is necessary to get every angle of the food in order to acquire every aspect of the deliciousness,” said Kaufman.

Additionally, widely known Instagram accounts that post foods from different popular restaurants are @foodporndaily1 and @the_daily_bite_. Both share the locations of where to purchase theses “trendy” foods and these act as an incentive to locate the trend. New York City epitomizes the association with these eccentric kinds of foods, and the way the food is displayed gives people more of a reason to eat it.

Along with the presentation, it is important to have variety. For example, many people are beginning to revolutionize the normal scoop of ice cream in a cup. Throughout social media and trendy restaurants, many people are beginning to serve rolled ice cream, ice cream in donuts, ice cream in between crazy cookie sandwiches, etc.  The more variation and toppings, the more the fascination and hype.

People generally associate the word “trendy” with clothing and appearance, but who ever knew food would become such an expansive trend throughout today’s society?