The Blind Side review

Based on the extraordinary true story of Michael Oher, The Blind Side stars Sandra Bullock and newcomer Quinton Aaron in an uplifting football film. Director John Lee Hancock really captures the realities of the once homeless and struggling teen. Watching The Blind Side is like watching the actual well-off Tuohy family in action. Bullock does an incredible job portraying the sassy, no-nonsense Leigh Anne Touhy.

The story of Michael (Quinton Aaron) begins in Memphis, Tennessee, in an area of the projects surrounded by drugs and problems. We find out through a series of flashbacks that Michael’s mother was a drug addict; he had no father, and moved through foster homes at a young age. All of those aforementioned issues came to an end when the Tuohy family, a wealthy family of four, welcomed in Michael. Sean, the husband is played by country singer Tim McGraw, and the teenage daughter, Collins, is played by Lily Collins. Finally, the young son SJ, is played by Jae Head, who creates a comic relief every time he hits the screen.

The movie is most concerned with the outcome of Michael’s life, and the extraordinary situation in which he finds himself. Although an obvious success story, it is not the average tale. Due to his large size, Michael catches the eye of his high school football coach and soon becomes a player to watch. Quickly many college football teams want Michael because of his impressive blocking ability. In order to get his grades up the Tuohy’s hire a tutor, Miss Sue (Kathy Bates). As time progresses the NCAA begins to investigate Michael’s story. Because both the Tuohy parents attended Ole Miss, as did Miss Sue, when Michael finally decides to go there as well people become suspicious. No one can believe that the Tuohy family would take in a poor boy with no selfish reasoning. However, that point is what makes the story so unique and uplifting.

Sandra Bullock really does an outstanding job showing the emotional mother-son relationship created between her and Michael. Overall it is a lighthearted and uplifting film that combines reality with some added humor. The Blind Side definitely has potential to be the top movie of the year, and it definitely deserves the nomination.

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