Teen’s Holiday Gift Guide


Photo courtesy of mirror.co.uk.

Abigail Richman, For Eastside

As the holidays quickly pass, everybody in the family can be less stressed as gift giving is coming to an end. Teens can be very picky and indecisive when asking for and opening gifts and they may not always enjoy what they get. This means family members always want to make sure they get the right gift.

Every year when buying teens gifts and trying to infer what their dream presents are, you need to concentrate on what they like. A main gift that teens, especially girls, love to open up on Christmas morning are Uggs. Whether they are tall boots or comfy moccasins, both genders seem to love to wear them. The only problem is they are a bit pricey. For tall Ugg boots they can range up to 180 dollars, which means that can be the teen’s big gift for Christmas.

Another big gift that teens love to open up is Beats by Dre. They are nice, stylish headphones that can be used anywhere and are sleek for any gender. Depending on which ones you want to purchase, the headphones can price all the way up to 300 dollars.

On the other hand, there are also simple yet fun and exciting gifts that teens would enjoy. For example, you can pick up a nice Pandora bracelet. Depending upon your relationship with the person, you can purchase different charms which will make it personable as well as in your price range. Also, depending on the type of person and what they seem to enjoy, you can get them some nice athletic apparel such as Nike running shorts or shirts that will satisfy their needs.

Lastly, teens love to concert tickets. Whether it is meet and greets or a ticket to their favorite singer, teens will be ecstatic when they find tickets in their hands, and all the while look forward to the concert date.

Keep these gift giving tips in mind for the holidays next year as the holidays this year quickly come to a close.