Saturday Night Live “Anne Hathaway/The Killers”

killers_desert.jpgIn this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” there was a guest appearance by Queen Latifah. Anne Hathaway was the host and The Killers performed some of their songs.

The show starts off with Queen Latifah in a parody of the recent Vice Presidential debate. Tina Fey does an outstanding job as she reprises her role as Governor Sarah Pallin. There is only one word to describe this opening skit: “Maverick.” The show progresses to Anne Hathaway’s introduction, and a few more skits which include four singing sisters, a C-Span press conference with impressions of George Bush and Nancy Pelosi, a skit with four single men at a night club and a SNL digital short. These acts all led up to The Killers’ first performance. They performed their new single “Human” which was released in September. This song should be listened to by anyone who enjoys The Killers. They are back with this fun, semi techno and slow paced hit. It should definitely be considered in your next trip to the iTunes store. 

The show moved on with the “Weekend Update” with Amy Poehler and Seth Myers. This skit starts off slow with a boring song by Will Forte about how the senators vote on the bailout plan. After Amy finally stops this song it pick up with speed and humor. Bruce Springsteen plays in the Super bowl half-time show.  Amy says, joking, “hopefully Bruce will not have a wardrobe malfunction,” referring to Janet Jackson’s infamous half-time show performance. The next three skits were not very funny. After the skits, The Killers performed another single, “Spaceman,” and to me it was better than their first performance. This performance was catchy from the start and got stuck in my head with its abstract lyrics and up-beat tempo. The final skit was a Katy Perry infomercial making parodies of her hit song “I Kissed a Girl.” This final skit had some laughs at the beginning, but as it progressed it just got boring. This week’s episode showed humor and talent at some points and others seemed like time fillers. I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode in two weeks, hosted by Josh Brolin and with a musical performance from UK star Adele. Also for fans of SNL, starting Thursday at 9:30 you can watch SNL Weekend Update. 

 Rating: C+