Saosin’s self-titled debut delivers

saosin.jpgAfter a successful summer tour opening for bands like Linkin Park and Taking Back Sunday, Saosin has released their debut full-length album. The self-titled disc contains 12 songs in which Saosin proves they have the potential to be as big as the acts they opened for throughout Projekt Revolution (a summer tour that mixes hip-hop and rock that’s always headlined by Linkin Park) this summer.

One thing that is holding Saosin back from potential stardom is the consistency of their songs. Every track is a solid rock song that’s well executed, but there is very little that differentiates the songs.

With the exception of the drummer, the band doesn’t attempt anything too risky in terms of changing their styles of play and making the songs sound unique. Especially on the track “Sleepers” the drums can be heard going all over the place while the rest of the band just plays along to the rhythm. However, the instruments never try to be too intense with their sound.

The vocals on “Saosin” are much better than those of many other rock bands today. The uplifting and inspirational lyrics complement these vocals and actually have a meaning behind them. Saosin uses the piano to help pull the heartstrings of their listeners and sometimes the instruments drop out so only the vocalist can be heard. This is something that Saosin does well and executes fantastically in songs like “Some Sense of Security” and “Voices.”

“Saosin” is a solid rock album that fans of alternative music should get a kick out of. Songs like “Come Close” and “Voices” are particularly catchy, and tracks like “You’re Not Alone” and “Collapse” are great as well.

“Saosin” is a good first attempt by the band, and their fans should have confidence that they will be seeing Saosin on much larger stages soon.