Orange is the New Black coming back for a second season in 2014

The summer hit series “Orange is the New Black” grabs its viewers in the first episode, making the show another Jenji Kohan masterpiece. Simply put, the show is another reason to thank Netflix. The story not only chronicles Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a female inmate with a troubled past, but also follows a group of fellow inmates which helps create a dynamic prison family to support Chapman.

Each individual episode recounts a different inmate and the reason for their imprisonment. The audience learns to sympathize with some inmates, adding a different take on each inmate and their experiences.

A transgender inmate, Sophia (Laverne Cox) challenges prison officials when her pills are switched and she begins to transform into a man. The audience understands her shame and unhappiness, especially when her son refuses to talk to her after the gender change.

Another inmate, Nicky (Natasha Lyonne), is introduced in all her full blonde hair and big personality glory. Throughout the first couple of episodes, she hints towards her lack of visitors and specifically in her episode, her torn relationship with her mother is apparent. She tells her mother that it is the last time that she will do drugs, although it clearly is not—after all, this is the reason for her incarceration, making the theme of drugs evident throughout the first season.

Season one ended with what seems like the biggest cliff hanger in television history. Though well done, the cliff hanger frustrates viewers as the mentally insane Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) threatens to kill Chapman and comes after her alone with a cross-shaped dagger.

Plot twist: Chapman goes crazy on Pennsatucky, leaving the entire first season to end with a view of Chapman beating Pennsatucky—to death? You will just have to wait until the second season.

If season two is as good as season one, Netflix should create a third season. In this next season which airs in early 2014, viewers expect to find out what happens with Chapman and Pennsatucky and the endeavors of the rest of the cast. Watch “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix today.