New members in the cast of “SNL”

For the 36th season of “Saturday Night Live,” the producers have introduced four new cast members: Jay Pharoah, Taran Killam, Paul Brittain and Vanessa Bayer.

Pharoah, age 23, after touring in the US and UK for four years, has finally been noticed for his impressions of people such as Barack Obama, Will Smith and even Stewie Griffin.

Killam, age 23, appeared on many different shows, such as “MadTV.” Killam was noticed for both his impersonations and for his ability to work with others.

Brittain, age 33, is known for his great Harry Reid and Johnny Depp impersonations. He is also credited for writing and performing the show “Sex Ed.”

Bayer, age 28, starred in the Miley Cyrus Show skit as Miley Cyrus herself. Before “SNL,” he was a member Chicago’s iO theater.

Altogether, these new members hope to work with current cast members to make “SNL” more comical than ever.

courtesy of, SNL members Killam, Brittain, and Bayer