New Girl: Season 1, Episode 2

Episode 2 started on a little bit of nicer note than the pilot. Jess is no longer moping around the apartment; instead, she is jumping around the apartment awaiting the arrival of her new roommate. Coach is no longer living there, but instead, an old friend of Schmidt’s and Nick’s, who was playing basketball in another country, is moving back in.

Of course something immediately goes wrong: Jess ends up breaking the television. So, as a consequence, the guys make her go back to her ex-boyfriend’s house to get all of her belongings.

The guys end up convincing her that the only way she can face her ex without crying is to get mad at him. She absolutely cannot go crying back to him, so she works on her “mad face,” which is hilarious because her countenance looks anything but mad.

The best part of the episode is when Jess is driving to her ex’s house and drives past his house ten times before she actually stops. Every time she passes his house she starts mumbling to herself and speeds up and passes right by it.

Finally, when she goes up to the house she loses it. She starts to give in to him until she sees all her plants are dead. Then, all of the fire inside of her is released. She throws the plants off the porch, runs inside and puts every piece of clothing she owns on her and grabs the television. Boy was it a sight to see. Once she started she could not stop, and she exploded on her ex.  But then, the television started wobbling in her hands. So of course, all of the guys ran out of the car to prevent a second broken television. But since they have grown fond of Jess, they also decide to help her stand up to her ex. And, once again, the three roommates sprang into action and saved the day.