Jukebox the Ghost album review: Safe Travels

The album Safe Travels by Jukebox the Ghost features a combination of upbeat, relaxing and generally entertaining tracks. The album was released on Tuesday, June 12, and has entertained me for the entire summer. Band members Ben Thornewill (keyboardist and vocalist), Tommy Siegel (vocalist and guitarist) and Jesse Kristin (drummer) all contributed in writing the third Jukebox the Ghost album, which has surpassed the past two in quality.

The paramount attribute of this album is the wide variety of instruments, sounds and beats. The first track on the album is the perfect balance between upbeat and relaxing. The track is titled “Somebody,” and begins with a very cheerful chorus, and then grows into pleasing verses with steady drumbeats, satisfying chord progressions and enjoyable vocal harmonies.

There is another song on the album that is quite similar to the previous pattern. The song “At Last” begins with a repeating piano sequence, with only a basic vocal melody to accompany it. The song abruptly transforms into a feel-good sound. With more intricate guitar and drum arrangements, this song makes it impossible to stop listening to the album.

A couple minor factors that this album lacks are diverse themes and lyrics. Generally, Jukebox the Ghost songs are about love and romance. While the instrumentals and vocals are terrific, the lyrics lack profoundness and a central idea. For example, in the song “Dead,” Tommy Siegel sings the lyrics “And if you’re dead, how do you know if you are really dead?” Personally, I think those lyrics are preposterous and do not mean anything at all. I generally prefer the songs Ben Thornehill sings anyhow.

However, there is one song that Siegel sings that is quite unique from the remainder of the tracks. “Man in the Moon” is a peaceful lullaby, with tranquil guitar plucks that complement the fundamental vocals. The song is only one minute and fifty-seven seconds long, yet it is definitely among the superlative tracks of the album.

Safe Travels is the ideal album for melodic diversity, outstanding vocals and captivating instrumentals.