It’s Kind of A Funny Story

Scott Nover ('13)

courtesy of, The film's movie poster

Every once in a while, a film comes around that is just the perfect blend of dramatic content with light and amusing elements. As this brilliant combination plays out, the viewers establish a sincere emotional connection to the main character and feel for him or her on intimate levels. These films include some dry enjoyable humor alongside romance and serious topics that ultimately sculpt out its structure. Last year, the film was called (500) Days of Summer. Marc Webb’s sweet romantic comedy-drama was an instant hit. Audience members felt an emotional attachment to Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as he succeeds and struggles with love. Viewers also were helpless against the teasing and misleading character Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel). Ultimately, smiles appeared on all of the faces of the people as they left the theater.

So far, 2010 has not produced a film that really parallels (500) Days of Summer or other films like it (Once, Garden State, etc.). Until now, no film’s trailer has brought us shivers and anxious grins of satisfaction. It’s Kind of a Funny Story could very well be this year’s “feel-good indie flick with an awesome soundtrack.” The film premiered Friday, October 8, in 500 theaters across the country. The story revolves around Craig (played by Keir Gilchrist of The United States of Tara) as a 16-year old boy who admits himself to a mental health clinic after experiencing rough times and suicidal thoughts. As the teen ward of the facility is temporarily closed, Craig integrates with the adults, as well as with the teenagers at the clinic. During his mandatory five-day stay, the protagonist forms relationships with other patients, including Bobby (played by Zach Galifianakis of The Hangover) and sensitive 16-year-old Noelle (Emma Roberts of Nancy Drew), for whom he develops a romantic interest in. Through these new relationships, Craig learns a great deal about life and about himself.

Similar to (500) Days of Summer, Once, or Garden State, It’s Kind of a Funny Story has an indie-inspired soundtrack. The music of the film will be done entirely by the Canadian indie rock band Broken Social Scene. The group is known for its  large quantity of musicians (about 26) and diverse instrumentation. Members include solo artist Fiest along with members of the bands Metric and Stars. Their newest album is titled “Forgiveness Rock Record” and they also provided the music for producer Anna Boden’s 2006 film Half Nelson starring Ryan Gosling. Music happens to play a very large part in the overall production of these types of films. The songs are honest, lyrically perfect compositions that fit into the different parts of the film like puzzle pieces. When the music for one of these films is just right, it pays off sincerely. The Garden State soundtrack, for instance won Zach Braff a Grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack for a Motion Picture and the song “Falling Slowly” from Once won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The soundtrack for It’s Kind of a Funny Story should prove to be of a similar caliber based on the overall talent of Broken Social Scene.

In an ironic sort of way, it seems that a whole lot is expected of this film, even though the entire point of this kind of movie is to be laid back and enjoyable. The film will be compared to (500) Day of Summer and it very well should be. If all goes to plan, It’s Kind of a Funny Story will be the hit that it is hyped to be.

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