House “Unfaithful”

Danny is a drunk priest who hallucinated Jesus and was sent to the ER. When House decides to go shopping for a case in Cameron’s files, he chooses Danny’s, despite being told by Cameron that his symptoms are either due to alcohol or exhaustion. A few moments later House’s motives for the case become clear: his department is broken and cannot be fixed until Thirteen and Foreman end their relationship, and he cannot work on a real case until this issue is resolved.

After Thirteen and Foreman discuss their options and agree that they will neither “split [n]or quit,” they decide they will outsmart House and do neither. To their surprise, House fires Foreman on the spot and tells Thirteen they can not receive a real case. However, right when they are about to discharge Danny, his toe falls off.

Bad turns to worse for both Danny and Foreman. Danny suddenly cannot breathe during a routine test and Foreman thinks all will be fine after Cuddy writes him a recommendation letter. When he approaches her about it, she gives him the cold, hard truth: House had every right to fire him because he falsified records and jeopardized the hospital’s good name. She cannot write him a letter, and without a letter he cannot get a decent position at another hospital.

The patient’s health deteriorates when he becomes numb and blind.

After a few more tests, everything becomes clear: the priest has AIDs and the holy water has made him sick. The only problem is that Danny says he’s never been sexually active, had a blood transfusion or done anything else from which he could have received AIDs. The doctors think differently; they believe he sexually molested a boy a few years ago.

Thirteen offers to quit and find another job if House rehires Foreman. Foreman does not appreciate this gesture, so he declines her offer, only to speak to House about it the next day. The only issue here is that Thirteen has turned down her other job option. Foreman is rehired, and Thirteen storms out of House’s office.

Turns out, Danny has a genetic disease that impairs his immunity, and by eliminating the hallucination from his list of symptoms, House was able to discover this. These coincidences make Danny believe in his faith again.

Spoiler Alert!

The general theme of this episode was using deceit to get what you want. And for Thirteen and Foreman, they were successful. They unexpectedly duped House to accomplish their endgame: Foreman was rehired and Thirteen took another job. On the other hand, Cuddy’s take at trying to play House backfired tremendously. Her plan became overly complicated, and although she thought she was getting what she wanted by House not attending her daughter’s naming service, she was not. Deep down, she wanted him there, and expected him there, but he never came.

This was finally an episode that had all of the elements of the House that we love. It was funny, clever, deceitful and unpredictable. It’s about time our lupus was checked out by a real doctor.

Rating: A (seriously)