House “Saviors”

An environmental activist, Doug, is at a protest. When he and his group are forced to disband, Doug cannot stand up and has extremely blurred vision. Since she owes House a favor, Cameron postpones a vacation at the shore with Chase to help House with Doug. By “help” House actually means that Cameron must run all the tests herself and can only use his team for differential assistance. Her choice leaves tension between her and Chase, especially since after House throws her off the case she still does not want to go on the vacation and will not reveal why to Chase. This causes Chase to ask Cuddy if he thinks Cameron is in love with House, and if Cuddy is in love with House – and both questions stay unanswered.

Meanwhile, House will not talk about Kutner. Instead, he is concerned with Wilson’s new healthy eating habits. House says this is because Wilson is scared of dying and is trying to better himself.

Doug has crunchy, swollen areas on his neck. Later, his femur, the hardest bone in the body, spontaneously breaks while he lies in bed. The idea of his protests surrounding him by carcinogens arises, giving the team the indication that Doug has bone cancer. But after repairing the leg, it becomes clear that he does not have cancer, but he is bleeding out.

Chase, fed up with Cameron, breaks up with her. He wants to trust her, but can’t.

In the end, House determines that a thorn from a processed flower, items Doug does not believe in at all, is what’s to blame for all Doug’s problems.

At the end of episode, House has a hallucination of a former character.

Spoiler Alert!


The fact that Chase had more of a role in this episode was quite enjoyable. I feel like lately he’s been neglected. When he broke up with Cameron, I was pretty shocked, so I was especially glad when they ended up getting back together and becoming engaged by the end of the episode. This engagement has been a long time in the making.

Wilson messing with House about his food choices, just because, was hilarious. It really is how their relationship is defined.

House hallucinating Amber was an interesting touch. It obviously means that he is somehow ill or that something else is going on, and it will be intriguing to know what the cause is.

Rating: B+