Heroes “Villains”

Enough with the future, this week’s “Heroes” was all about the past – one year ago, to be exact. We find out that Flint, the Level 5 detainee who could throw fire balls, is actually Meredith’s brother. Also, it is revealed that Sylar and Elle knew each other a year ago. While working for The Company, training to be an agent, Elle, under Bennett’s supervision, tried to lure Sylar into using his powers, as she was ordered.

However, along the way, she truly thought Gabriel Gray was a good guy and wanted to diffuse the whole operation. But, an agent must due as told, and, with the help of Trevor, a man who could shoot items with just his fingers was brought in to make Sylar jealous. It worked, because Sylar killed him and the character we love to hate was born.

Arthur was still alive (without any false pretenses) at this juncture in the past. Because assistant district attorney Nathan was digging too deeply where Linderman was concerned, Linderman and Arthur concocted a plan to kill Nathan by means of a car accident. Little did anyone know that this would be the very accident where Nathan’s flying abilities surfaced and his wife, Heidi, would become paralyzed. Disappointed, Arthur discusses the failure with Linderman, and Angela overhears. She is furious that her husband of 41 years wants to kill their son.

Hiro wakes up from his spirit walk, ready to reveal all of this information to Usutu and Ando, but tragedy befalls them.


Spoiler Alert!


Everyone involved in the show did a great and seamless job of weaving in parts of the “Heroes” story we already know – like Bennet riding in Mohinder’s taxi, Claire entering the burning building, and Nathan and Heidi’s accident – with “behind-the-scenes” scenes that better explained the overall plot of the show.

I was surprised to find out many different associations that occurred in the past. I never would have guessed that Meredith and Flint were siblings, although it does make sense because of their very similar powers. The fact that Elle and Sylar were acquaintances shocked me too, but I pretty much loved it, as they are two of my absolute favorite characters.

Arthur Petrelli orchestrating Nathan’s accident, and Angela learning of it and poisoning him, were all pretty predictable, but thrilling to watch nonetheless.

The big cliffhanger shocker, though, did exactly what it was intended to do. Arthur Petrelli discovering where Hiro, Ando and Usutu were, and beheading Usutu caused me to literally gasp. I’m fearful for what will be next for Hiro and Ando as they are left to combat the evil and powerful Arthur Petrelli.

Line of the Week: “God gave you a big sister instead of a brain.” – Meredith Gordon, to her brother, Flint

Rating: B –