Heroes “The Eclipse – Part 1”

Sixty minutes absolutely flew by in “The Eclipse – Part 1.” For starters, Elle and Sylar are on a “Get the Cheerleader, destroy the world” type of mission. But, really, Elle just wants Sylar to stand up for himself and not do what anyone else wants.
Arthur draws several images from the future, including Claire getting shot and bleeding, despite her regenerative abilities. “Everything’s going to change today,” he says. “Everything.”
Angela reunites Claire with Bennet, and he teaches his daughter how to fight.
An eclipse comes and curbs every hero and villain’s power, but they are unaware.
Hiro is still in a 10-year-old mind frame, and is still incredibly hilarious and adorable. He still believes all wisdom comes from comic books and leads Ando to a comic book store in Kansas. Two clerks (Seth Green, Breckin Myer) see they are holding the new 9th Wonders! and notice that Ando and Hiro are the characters on the cover.
Sylar and Elle pay a visit to Bennet and Claire. They try to electrocute her or Bennet, but their powers are not functioning. When they go to shoot Bennet, Claire jumps in the way, getting herself shot in the process.
When Daphne finally lets Matt inside her home after running away from him, it is revealed that the fickle speedster is actually crippled without her powers and cannot walk.
After making sure Claire is safe and stable at home, Bennet, with his sniper rifle, goes to finish off Sylar and Elle.
Spoiler Alert!


Sylar and Elle are a couple! They’re “just human,” as Sylar said, but their passion for each other is definitely animalistic and only confirms my theories of Elle being “little Noah’s” mother. But, right when they discover this, Bennet’s going to go an shoot them dead?! And THAT’S where the episode had to end? And we have to wait another seven days to find out the results of this? Not fair.
I cannot wait to see Seth Green and Breckin Myers’ roles on “Heroes.” It’s pretty obvious that they are lowly comic book store clerks, but that’s most likely because if they did have powers, they would be too cool for the show. I’m definitely excited to see how this pans out.
Mohinder is bothering me. I really do no enjoy the whole “he’s becoming a spider or other type of insect” storyline. It’s pretty gross and I miss the Mohinder who drew the line between right and wrong and always stood on the right side.
Part 2 in approximately 168 hours. I have no idea how I’ll be able to stand it.
Rating: A+