Heroes “Shades of Gray”

The hunt is on for all heroes. The Puppet Master breaks into the Bennet house, the last place on earth that he wants to be because he knows the people inside hate him, because he has no other choice. All he wants is to return to being a normal puppeteer. He no longer wants to force anyone to do anything.

Matt is set up by Danko and is in the center of a public place with a live bomb strapped to him. Nathan comes to try to help, but Matt doesn’t trust him and cannot read his mind because he is drugged. Danko watches this on a screen and disapproves, so he sets the timer on the bomb.

Sylar makes it to Papa Gray’s house and reintroduces himself to his father. He even reveals his true motive of killing his dad, but is struck by some disheartening news. What is interesting is that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, as Mr. Gray had multiple abilities as well. However, now, since Mr. Gray has not used them for a while, he is unsure of what powers remain. After seeing something he likes, Mr. Gray does something Sylar does not expect.

Back at Building 26, Nathan relieves Danko of command, only to be blackmailed. Danko has the tape of Tracy shouting “You’re one of us!” to Nathan. Danko tries to interrogate Tracy to give him the same information face-to-face, but she stays mum. Bennet sends Danko to Angela Petrelli for answers. Although Danko is confident when he begins their meeting, it is obvious that by the end, Angela is the victor. A signed order by the President seals the deal, and Danko is gone.

An interesting twist occurs when Danko discovers Nathan’s ability.

Spoiler Alert!

I love, love, love, LOVE how many references to season one there have been recently! We had a human bomb last and this week and today Angela was holding a pair of socks…were they the socks she was arrested for stealing in the pilot? I think yes. I’m also really excited that Janice (Matt’s ex-wife who cheater on him and was pregnant) will be back next week. Baby Matt Parkman was an excellent twist as well!

Gabriel Gray is kind of my hero, even if he is a villain. His father was even worse than he is, and therefore I, just like Sylar, feel no remorse for his death. As soon as Sylar healed from the cut, I knew Mr. Gray would want the power. I’m really glad that Sylar played him and ended the job, though.

Nathan saving Claire from the agents was an interesting event that will surely define what side he’s on once and for all.

Line of the Week: “Put simply: what type of hero are you?” – Comic book store clerk to Claire, who applied for a job at Sam’s Comics

Rating: A