Heroes “Our Father”

Since the last episode ended 16 years ago, so “Our Father” begins. Ten-year-old mindset Hiro is with Claire, as they try to find out who the Catalyst is and a way to retrieve Hiro’s memories.

There, adult Hiro is mistaken for a new chef and is able to blend in relatively well. Unable to make his mother’s requested dish, he makes his own favorite: waffles. Eventually he reveals to his mother that he is Hiro and requests for her to give him the light (the Catalyst). When Hiro observes her, he sees that she can heal and asks her to heal him, which she does.

Meanwhile Claire follows Baby Claire at the Bennet Apartment. She assimilates herself into the building, poses as a neighbor’s niece and volunteers to babysit for Sandra, which is easily agreed to by the new and helpless mother. Later, Bennet returns home and is suspicious of Claire’s presence. Kaito Nakamura wants to give the Catalyst to Baby Claire, but Claire prevents Bennet from answering the phone to accept this part of his assignment.

Sylar covers his tracks at the beach by torching Elle’s body, setting off the flames with a spark from his own finger tips to prevent fingerprint tracing. He then goes to find Sue Landers, a human lie detector. Her power is needed so Sylar can determine once and for all if Arthur and Angela are his parents.
Daphne, Matt and Ando hunt down the Mendez sketches of the last issue of 9th Wonders! They reveal that Hiro Nakamura is lost in time. This is because, back in the past, present-day Hiro and Claire are talking on the balcony. Arthur Petrelli pops in unannounced, taking not only the Catalyst, but also Hiro’s powers. Arthur then flicks Hiro off the balcony.

Peter and the Haitian are sent by Angela to eliminate Arthur with a single shot to the head. The Haitian can only halt Arthur’s powers for so long, but Sylar steps in with his own agenda.

As bad as a powerless Hiro trapped 16 years in the past and a murder-crazy Sylar arriving are, the “Heroes” situation manages to get worse. Arthur adds the Catalyst to Mohinder’s formula before his interruption, so Pinehurst can give ordinary people abilities. Naturally, they start with marines.

Spoiler Alert!

Hiro and his mommy were absolutely precious. The fact that he made her waffles was priceless. Because his mother died when he was so young, it was nice that she got to see him as an adult and hear all of his accomplishments. Arthur unexpectedly dropping in definitely broke viewers out of their sentimental reverie. When Arthur pushed Hiro off the balcony, I almost had a heart attack, my mind filling with various ways the power-less time traveler could remain alive. I did not envision him grabbing onto the flagpole and holding on for dear life, but I’m glad he did.

I’m not sure how I feel about Ando volunteering to try to get powers so that he can save Hiro. Yes, I want Hiro to be saved, but, if memory serves, it is the Ando who has powers that kills Hiro in the future. Something tells me this cannot be a coincidence.

Honestly, I’m just ashamed of Mohinder. I’ve officially decided the “always black and white” man is not in gray territory anymore: he is a downright villain.
Although I’m extremely upset about Sylar murdering Elle Bell and Sue Landers, I am glad we have the definitive answer that he is not related to the Petrellis. But, since Elle is dead now, it does remove the possibility of her being Little Noah‘s, Sylar’s son in the future, mother, which leaves the position open to anyone at this point.

Line of the Week: “I have saved the world… twice.” – Hiro, explaining his future accomplishments to his dying mother.

Rating: A