Heroes “Eris Quod Sum”

This episode was by far the most intense of the season.

Firstly, Maya is not dead. It appears that Mohinder’s webs simply track victims, they do not kill them. Secondly, we learned that once Arthur Petrelli obtains an ability from someone, he keeps it forever. But, the fact that Elle returned? That was simply the icing on the cake.

Elle goes to the Bennet house in order to receive some help. Her powers are overloading on her – electrocuting her constantly – and she cannot control them. Claire admits that she can no longer feel pain, either, and therefore they both have similar problems. They decide to go to Pinehurst together, hoping for cures.

Angela, coming to Sylar in a dream, is definitely promoting a “Save Peter, save the world” theme. She gives Sylar the confidence to use his abilities to break out of the Primatech Paper cell that confines him.

Arthur Petrelli is possibly the most evil character we have ever met. He nonchalantly kills Marty when Marty talks back to him about their deal – Marty would be loyal to Arthur if Matt was spared. Since that plan was not working for Arthur, he took care of business. Daphne is sent to kill Matt and prove her devotion to Pinehurst.

The good brother he is, Sylar goes to Pinehurst to save Peter, only to get caught by their father. At first, he is still on Peter’s side. However, after Arthur works some of his fatherly charm on him, he and Sylar team up to create a hardcore malevolent team. Sylar even throws Peter out of a seven-story high window. Despite being unable to heal, Peter survives the fall. Did Sylar deliberately slow the impact to simultaneously impress his father and save his brother?

Spoiler Alert!


I was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic for the return of Elle Bell (with a character name of Elle and a real last name of Bell, how could anyone NOT fuse the two together for a nickname?) in this episode. Kristen Bell is simply a wonderful actress. She brings a whole new layer to “Heroes” that adds humor, depth and vulnerability.

I want to believe that Sylar is really a good guy deep down. This is mostly because if he is truly evil, then I will have a broken heart. Honestly, I cannot explain why, but over the past two years, he has become one of my favorite characters. I suppose I can still love him if he’s evil, as there always needs to be a bad guy, especially in this Villains chapter, but it would feel so much more satisfying if he were good.

I refuse to talk (excluding this sentence) about Maya’s return, especially since I was so sure last week that she was gone for good.

This week’s episode of “Heroes” translates into “I am what you will be,” and is a common phrase for tombstones. However, my interpretation is different. I feel as though this phrase could be a clue that everyone’s “role” (good or bad) will be reversed. For example, Peter is good now (“I Am”), but perhaps Sylar will be good in the future (“you will be“).

Additionally, I have a theory that Molly and Micah will have to save everyone. Because, seriously, how awesome would that be? Two kids, mini-heroes, if you will, saving the world from destruction. Now THAT’S what I’m looking forward to, but I guess it could be because I’m missing both characters like crazy this season.

I’m unsure how I will ever survive next week, as “Heroes” won’t be on again until November 10.


Rating: A