Heroes: Episode 2

Image courtesy of nbc.comOne of the two victims Matt sees was frozen solid and had half of his skull sawed off. When Matt is accused of setting up the murders to look like a “hero,” he explains that he didn’t do it, but Sylar did. Only six people on the whole case know the name “Sylar”. Matt is arrested because he shouldn’t have access to this top-secret information.

Mohinder Suresh, another of the show’s dynamic characters, meanwhile socializes with his neighbor, Eden. He lives in his recently deceased father’s apartment. While talking, they realize that there are still messages on the machine.

To tie the characters together, the first message is Nathan Petrelli, asking for a
vote. The second is from a man named “Sylar”. Chandra Suresh (“Papa” Suresh as Eden called him) interjects in the recording. Sylar says that he is hungry to kill because Papa Suresh forced him to be.

Papa Suresh denies that he made Sylar a murderer and asks him to stop calling.

While the other action is occurring, Hiro Nakamura transports himself from Tokyo to New York City. Appropriately, he joyously screams out, “Go Yankees!” even though he pronounces it “Yonkees.” As he’s walking down the street he sees a comic book which has him on the cover.

After paying for it in the wrong currency, he flips to the back page and finds the artist’s address. The artist is Isaac Mendez, the prophetic painter. When Hiro arrives at Isaac’s studio, no one answers the door. He walks in, follows the trail of blood, and picks up the gun. Isaac is on the floor with half of his skull cut off.

Suddenly, the police enter, and Hiro looks guilty. Hiro tells a translator to call his friend in Tokyo, who will corroborate his alibi and confirm that he did not kill Isaac. His alibi does not check out because his friend claims that he hasn’t seen Hiro in five weeks, even though Hiro swears he was just at home yesterday.

Unexpectedly, they see a huge white explosion in the city. Hiro transports himself five weeks into the past so that he is back on the subway in Tokyo.