Heroes “Dying of the Light”

Last week we saw beloved and benign Hiro Nakamura brutally murder his best friend, Ando. This week, we saw how Hiro time traveled to get a retractable sword and fake blood in order to feign the murder.

Evil mastermind Mr. Petrelli is coercing Daphne to recruit several heroes, including Matt, Sylar and Usutu, Matt’s new acquaintance from Africa who can paint the future. It seems as though Mr. Petrelli wants to eliminate anyone with abilities to see the future.

Daphne is having second thoughts about working for Pinehurst Industries, but “Linderman” (an illusion of Maury) convinces her otherwise.

Once again, Claire gets herself into trouble. With hopes of saving BioMom Meredith from Eric, a man who has the power to control people as if they were puppets, she gets herself and her real mom, Sandra, into a bit of a pickle with Eric. Eric forces the three to play Russian Roulette and refuses to stop until someone gets shot.

Sylar pulls Peter out of his coma, hoping the two can work together to stop the evil forces. Peter is reluctant, but agrees, for a short while. They visit paralyzed Angela in the hospital. Peter reads her mind, but can only see one image: two “Godsend” symbols that are intertwined to look like a double helix. This happens to be the logo for Pinehurst.

Trying to be helpful, Sylar tells Peter he believes that Peter can control his new ability and will not allow it to overtake him. The two get into a fight in the middle of the hallway at the facility in Odessa, resulting in Peter inducing Sylar into a coma.

Peter travels to Ft. Lee, New Jersey to Pinehurst and is stunned to see his father, alive.

Spoiler Alert!


We finally learned what the senior Petrelli’s shocking power is: he can absorb youth and powers. It seems as though the immortal Adam Monroe is no more, as Petrelli stole his healing power and his vitality, causing Adam to literally fall into a pile of bones and dust. Even though Adam was a villain, he will certainly be missed, as his weekly performances were always something to look forward to.

While on the topic of Petrelli, I was absolutely astonished to see that Daddy stole Peter’s powers. It could have been worse, I know; he could have killed him. Nevertheless, a powerless Peter does seem like a good idea at this time, as the “hunger” was probably getting too strong for him. On the other hand, he can’t stay powerless for too long, or that could become troublesome as well.

Matt Parkman and his turtle are probably my new favorite duo on the show. With a line like “High five, Turtle!” and Matt telling Daphne about their future life together, with their pet turtle, how could they not be?

Honestly, Mohinder has to be the worst villain ever. I don’t buy it, yet his actions are horrible. Drugging Nathan and Tracy instead of helping them as promised? Not cool. I may be a terrible person myself for saying this, but I am glad the powers that be for the show decided to maintain Maya’s death.

Overall, the comedy of this episode – the little bits, like Hiro always getting hit on the head with the shovel, even while time traveling, Hiro referring to Usutu as “Mr. Africa Isaac” (pronounced “e-zock,” of course) and Matt talking to his turtle – really kept the show on par with other great past episodes.

Rating: A-