Heroes “Cold Snap”

This week’s episode of “Heroes” opened with an eerie, almost two minute scene containing Danko shaving and the Puppet Master being left inside his home, tied up in a big red bow. At the same time, Bennet and Angela’s partnership is turning dangerous and Angela proposes no more meetings. She advises Bennet to regain Danko’s trust, for everyone’s sake, by delivering Rebel to him.

Ando and Hiro slowly discover that the Matt Parkman that they are supposed to save is the adult Matt Parkman’s son with his ex-wife, Janice. It is unclear if adult Matt knows about the baby at this time. Although they are confused about what they are saving baby Matt from at first, it becomes more apparent when they see he has an ability.

Rebel tampers with Building 26’s security systems so that Tracy, Matt, Daphne and Suresh can escape. After they leave the building, Tracy goes her separate way while Matt and Suresh take Daphne to the hospital. Daphne’s gunshot wound is looking very, very bad. In exchange for her freedom, Tracy agrees to be bait so that Bennet can capture Rebel. The shocking true identity of Rebel is finally revealed. When she discovers who he is, Tracy informs Rebel of the deal she made and the two of them work together to escape from Danko’s men.

Angela meets an old friend and gets some help, but it isn’t much. Danko’s men are still after her. It looks as though there is no way out for her when she ducks into an elevator and “security” brings it back down. With a little help from a lifelong friend, something good happens.

Spoiler Alert!


Personally, I was really upset that Noah Gray-Cabey’s name appeared in the opening credits as a special guest star. It completely ruined the surprise element of the show. I’m not saying he should not have been credited; I’m just upset that his appearance was spoiled. There would have been no harm in his credit appearing at the end of the episode. Besides that, it was absolutely incredible that Micah turned out to be Rebel. Even though it was a pretty obvious prediction, I’m glad I was right. But I’m even happier that Micah has returned! It’s interesting how they paired Micah with Tracy; however, at the same time, it is really sad to see Micah with a person who looks and sounds exactly as his mother, Nikki, did, but who is the complete opposite from her.

On the other hand, the “freeze scene” with Tracy was incredible. It’s one of the most impressive visuals “Heroes” has ever pulled off. Even though ice is fairly simple compared to a huge explosion, it was very well done. Kudos to all who worked on the scene, especially the chilling (pun intended) part where Tracy’s body’s was smashed from the bullet, but her frozen eye still blinked.

Okay, seriously? This is the second time Daphne’s died already, and I’m still heartbroken about it. The scene where Matt enters her mind and flies her around the Eiffel Tower was touching. Even though we heard the heart monitor flat line, I’m still not entirely convinced that Daphne is gone once and for all, mostly because of the future Matt saw with the two of them, Molly and baby Danielle.

Speaking of Molly, now that Micah has returned, I feel as though perhaps Molly will come back shortly. I may be over-dissecting the dialogue, but with everyone always talking about “finding” people, I feel like that’s a major clue that Molly will be needed shortly.

I really loved the Ando, Hiro and baby Matt scenes. They were so precious and hilarious. It was a cute comedy trio. I also loved how Peter saved his mother, although I’m still not really sure how that happened.

Line of the Week: “Heroes change the world. Not diapers.” – Hiro to Ando, about baby Matt Parkman; and “Hello baby! You are loved!” – “warm mommy” Ando to baby Matt Parkman

Rating: A++