Heroes “Angel and Monsters”

Good people become villains by taking baby steps. This week on “Heroes,” we saw the process unfold even more. 

Peter, who has been our ever-constant good guy since the beginning, is turning, due to the “hunger” brought on by Sylar’s power. Because of this, he is put into a medical coma for everyone’s protection. 

A new character, another former Level 5 detainee, Stephen Canfield, can create vortexes, black holes, if you will, and can literally make anything, or anyone disappear. Runaway Claire thinks she can do good and bring him in herself. Her findings are unexpected and her plan needs to be changed. 

Daphne can also see Linderman. To date, only she and Nathan have seen and been able to speak with him. 

More details on Mohinder’s power are revealed. Like Peter, he also has a hunger that needs to be filled, resulting in “webbing” people to his wall. 

A turning point occurs between Hiro and Ando. They are self-declared “the worst heroes ever.” Hiro’s loyalty to and friendship with Ando is tested by Daphne and Knox. 

Possibly one of the most shocking conclusions ever – and long-time fans know that there have been plenty of unforeseen and amazing endings – finished off this episode, bringing back characters we thought we would never see again. 

Spoiler Alert!


Maya is finally dead! It’s about time! Her character is completely pointless in my opinion. Not only that, but Mohinder scenes were becoming very difficult to watch, just because she was in them as well, which was quite nauseating. I’m honestly glad Mohinder killed her, just so she’s gone. However, I have a feeling she won’t die off that quickly and “Heroes” magic will save her, to my disappointment. Also disappointing is Mohinder’s new killing streak. I miss the good ol’ days when Mohinder was the one “constant” who could never do anything wrong (at least not on purpose). 

Adam Monroe, released from his coffin, played Hiro like a flute and escaped. But, he got what he deserved, too, by getting kidnapped. Speaking of Hiro, I’m honestly flabbergasted that he stabbed Ando with the sword. It’s crazy! Hiro Nakamura, from Tokyo, Japan, the guy who’s wanted to be a hero forever, stabbed his best friend? I’m definitely antsy for next week’s explanation. 

Now, to the mind-blowing conclusion. Linderman’s spirit is not the one who is speaking to Nathan and Daphne. It’s Marty Parkman, Matt’s father, who was locked in a nightmare last season. How did he get out? Even more important is the man he’s working for: Nathan and Peter’s father, who has been dead since the commencement of the series. Outrageous! Angela Petrelli either dreams or actually experiences – it is unclear at this time – the deaths of Nathan, Tracy and Peter and is told by an ambiguous figure, which we learn is her husband, that her power of seeing the future does not fit into the big picture. Thus, she is spared, but paralyzed, completely unable to move anything other than her eyes. 

The episode as a whole wasn’t anything special, but the finale definitely brought it up several notches.

Rating: A