Grey’s Anatomy: “Here Comes the Flood”

Danielle Burkhart ('09)

With the hospital already in trouble from its low rating as a teaching hospital, Seattle Grace literally crumbled right before all of the doctors and patients. A pipe burst, causing the hospital surgical floors to flood, and all the patients need to be evacuated to nearby hospitals. One patient who thought he had no luck on his side was crushed during the leak when the roof exploded right on top of his surgery table, but luckily for him it saved his life by detecting stage one cancer.
Now that Derek is completely moved in, he started making decisions. He wants Izzie and Alex to move out. Meredith struggles to determine what the best decision would be and decides to let them stay. Izzie and Alex still have tension between them, but a patient helps remind Alex of how one person could give you hope to keep going. George finally takes his intern exam after avoiding it all day, not to mention also avoiding Lexi, who is still trying to fight for his attention.
The chief is working on improving the hospital any way he can. New rules were made as old ones were strictly enforced. The hospital is working together to get their top rank back but accidents keep causing the hospital to fall behind.
In my opinion the episode was good, but it could have been better. The idea of the pipe bursting had no real effect on the show except for saving one mans life. It was a shock to see Meredith and Derek agree on something so easily, but I am still curious to see how their living arrangement is really going to work out. It was nice to see Alex still have an interest in Izzie and I can’t wait to see how their relationship turns out. The show is still in the beginning of its season and there’s much more to come ,but for now the hospital is primarily just struggling to become number one. 

Graded B