Grey’s Anatomy “Brave New World”

Danielle Burkhart ('09)

The crew really seems to be stepping their game up, although some still follow slowly behind. The chief has ordered all the residents to study a practice different from their specialties, and they are all in an uproar when they are told the new policy. Meredith is taking on Christina’s cardiothoracic practice even though she has no experience. Meredith’s patient is a young spunky boy who is afraid of surgery and would rather die then go through with it. But, with the help of George, he gains the confidence to go through with the procedure. George’s bedside manners help to prove he is resident material, which all makes sense once he find outs he passed his intern re-exam.

 Izzie and Alex are partnered together to work in the pit for the day. While there, Izzie takes care of a patient who has been hit on the head with a remote by his wife. Izzie notices he has a twitch, does further testing and discovers he has a tumor the size of a tennis ball in his head. Alex steals Izzie’s patient and they go back and forth vying for him. After Izzie finally stands up to Alex, she regains her patient and assists during his surgery. Cristina, on the other hand, slacked off during the majority of the episode, as she was entranced in the “wonderful” world of dermatology when she went to that part of the hospital to get a cream for her patient. Cristina is almost jealous of the residents because they are very happy and peaceful and do not argue over work.

Derek and Meredith wonder if they have made the right decision in living together. By the end of the episode, she confirms with Derek that she is happy they took the next step in their relationship. They are not the only couple to take a step further in their relationship, however, as Callie and Erica decided that after avoiding the situation for so long, it is finally the time to officially go on their first date. But not everyone is as lucky as them. Lexi was the person who was there for George when he found out he passed his intern test, but he just abandons her to go celebrate with all the other residents.

In my opinion the episode was very good, but it wasn’t my favorite. I don’t feel as though the show is really progressing, but rather it is just standing still. Each week it’s at the same point it was at the week before. The storyline is getting more interesting since George has finally passed his test and there’s conflict between George noticing Lexi. Also, it’s interesting that Alex admitted to Izzie that he doesn’t try to be so rude to her.  She is the only person he has to really be angry at, even though he really has no reason to be. I’m curious for what’s to come with the living situation at Meredith’s house. I wonder if Izzie and Alex will get tired of Derek and move out. I’m also curious to see if Cristina gets more involved with dermatology or starts to question her cardio practice in general.

Rating: A-