Gossip Girl “There Might Be Blood”

Ashley Drazen ('09)

Drama unfolds for Manhattan’s elite as each character faces his/her own troubles. Blair meets a young girl named Emma who has connections to Yale. Blair quickly realizes there is a connection in their lives in the sense that Emma’s mother is self-centered and neglectful. Blair knows this feeling and guides the young girl on the right path. All her hard work pays off when the Dean of Yale gives Blair a call, requesting she join the University for the fall semester.Serena is still unsure of Aaron’s true motives when she sees him holding hands with another girl. He tells Serena that the girl is not a girlfriend and hopes to take Serena on a proper date.

Lily and Bart are being honored at a special gala where the rich come to party. Jenny has the brilliant idea of crashing this ballroom with a surprise fashion show, which will cause shock and create interest in her new line. Over the past few days she has put together several gowns in private and Agnes has agreed to model them.

While Jenny is organizing her life-changing event, she is still on the rocks with Nate. After not talking for a week, Jenny finally questions his feelings towards her. He admits that he cares for her, but there is a lot of baggage to deal with. In the end, Nate shows Jenny he truly cares for her by showing up at her fashion show.

Everyone loves the “Humphrey Collection;” that is, everyone but Rufus. Despite all his efforts to win his little Jenny back, she decides to pack up her room and leave him.

I really enjoyed this episode. I was completely shocked by Jenny’s boldness, while still elated that Nate continued to have feelings for her. However, at the end Nate sent a letter to Jenny and I’m very curious as to what he wrote. Also, I want to see if Serena and Aaron move forward and become a couple. Lastly, I still feel as though there is a connection between Rufus and Lily, and I would love to see if something happens there. All in all, I’m very impressed with Jenny’s outcome and her departure from home.

Only more drama to follow. XoXo.

Spotted: Rating for “There Might Be Blood”: A