Gossip Girl “The Magnificent Archibalds”

Thanksgiving brings to mind the thought of great food, family gatherings and, most of all, wish bones. In this case, everyone wished to be in a different place, celebrating this thankful holiday in a different way. Blair could not get over giving up old traditions to start new ones with Cyrus. In the end, Blair was won over by her mother who had her father come to NY to surprise her.  

Serena wished that she could be exclusive with Aaron, and as soon as their date began, her desire was granted. Information was mixed up when Aaron ran into Dan at the grocery store, however, implying that someone was lying.

Secrets were kept from not only Aaron, but Serena, Eric and Lily as well. Bart had been keeping records on their past, whereabouts and relationships. Chuck told Eric where this information had been stashed, and Eric told his sister and mother. After having this folder in her possession, Serena gave it to Aaron in order to reveal any secrets left in the dark. While Lily learned of her husband’s activity, she took her family away and decided to go to another location where they felt welcome.  

Jenny rebelled, but wished for her fashion dreams to move forward. After seriously considering emancipation, Blair gave her an eye-opening talk. She quickly realized that she was meant to be the daughter of Rufus, and give her family a second chance. Thanksgiving came full circle when Lily and Eric came to enjoy the feast they would all prepare together.  

Lastly, Nate wished that his father would be a true man and stand up for his crimes. Nate talked his father into giving himself up and turning himself into the FBI. Proud of his accomplishments, he gained back his old friend, Chuck.  

In my opinion, this was a very tasty episode. The triangle between Vanessa, Jenny and Nate is heating up. I personally do not know who I’d like to see him with because either way, someone’s friendship will be ruined. Also, I am very thrilled to see that Jenny is home and realizing that family is above all. Serena and Aaron are still growing, but she keeps going back to Dan for advice and comfort which might risk a new man. The theme of Thanksgiving brought everyone home to their true families, everyone including Lily. I hope this foreshadows a future relationship because they are truly perfect together, already acting like husband and wife.  
Spotted: Rating for “The Magnificent Archibalds”: A- 
Only 2 weeks until more secrets are revealed. XoXo.