Gossip Girl “New Haven Can Wait”

It’s the time of year for college visits, interviews, and applications. Blair Waldorf’s dream school is Yale, while Serena’s is Brown. Until recently, the girls’ distant friendship caused miscommunication and petty fights. After the most recent catfight, Serena decided to ditch Brown and accept the Dean of Yale’s invitation to tour the school.

The whole gang opted to visit the Ivy League school, so when Dan enters his interview, he receives the news that he will need more than one recommendation letter. This puts him in a complicated situation when he learns that Nate used his name when he met a student. This new girl turns out to have connections to the English Department, which will help Dan score another recommendation.  Chuck is also switching names when he has secret meetings with an “underground” group called Skull and Bones. He tells the group that Nate is really Dan, ultimately ending with Dan nearly-stripped and tied to a column outside the school.  All of the name swapping originates because of Nate’s father, who is now famous on every campus for how much money he lost.

Rufus still argues that Jenny should be attending school, but she won’t let her fashion designer-dreams slip away. She offers to have Rufus shadow her for a day, and see what her life is really like. Finally, after seeing Lily in a “Jenny Creation”, he decides to give homeschooling an opportunity.

As the visit to Yale comes to a close, Blair and Serena battle one last time. They agree to end their friendship, but not until after they attack each other. Fortunately, the following day, the girls realize their immaturity, and agree to work things out and take things as they come.

Compared to previous episodes, I really enjoyed this one. I found this to be very relatable in terms of applying to college and the stress factor each character went through. I did not think it was predictable, and the ending was simple yet pleasing. Although Lily is married, I still hope for her to have a reconnection with Rufus. Also, I can’t wait to see what happens with Jenny’s new life which will be solely focused on fashion. Lastly, Chuck still has a lot up his sleeve, and his clever charm is never put to rest.

More to come. XoXo.

Spotted: Rating for “New Haven Can Wait”: A-