Gossip Girl “In The Realm of the Basses”

As the New Year arrives, everyone learns of new things. Jenny has returned to school in hopes of feeling like a normal 15-year old. She quickly sees the bullying of a girl named Nelly, who wants to fit into Penelope’s posse. The mean girls are ultimately no match to Jenny and she outshines them. In the end though, her good deed is only vanished by Nelly’s wanting to become popular. At least Jenny is the one growing up.Chuck has disappeared and when he arrives back in NYC, he only gets himself into trouble. Blair resorts to help clear his record when Chuck’s uncle comes to take responsibility as well. Blair has a lot on her mind when she learns that the Colony Club, a group of high class and powerful women, is interested in her becoming a part of the organization. She invites them over, but she immediately realizes Chuck is a higher priority.

It is a good thing Blair decided to come rescue Chuck, as he was almost about to fall off the roof of a building, ending his own life. With her persuading words, he takes Blair’s hand and they share a moment of actual love.
Now that Rufus has learned he had a child prior to Dan, he is on the hunt for the boy. Lily gives in and finally tells him where the child could be and the two are on the hunt for their long lost son. Dan has found out about his father’s secret and wants to tell Serena, but Rufus would rather Lily tell her family in person.

Serena and Aaron are officially over, but Serena and Dan can no longer be an item. Now that the two share a sibling, getting close is no longer an option. Because of their new family member, maybe Lily and Rufus can join everyone together.

I’m personally very happy that Chuck decided to listen to Blair because he truly loves her, but his Uncle Jack seems to be up to no good. In the previews for the following week, everything looks like it’s about to fall apart and the culprit seems to be uncle. I am slightly disappointed Serena and Dan can never be together, but it’s about time Lily and Rufus make it official. Also, Jenny is turning over a new leaf and standing out from the crowd, for the better, that is. This episode was well done and next week seems to be another hit.

SPOTTED: Rating for “In The Realm of the Basses”: A-