Gossip Girl “Gone With the Will”

Bart’s passing has left everyone with a chance to start over. Chuck is granted the rights to Bass Empire, but Uncle Jack wants the control. In order to convince the board of Chuck’s immoral activities, he takes Chuck out for a night on the town. When people from the company ask to see Chuck, he is covered in drugs and girls, proving Jack’s theories.  

Lily and Rufus are in Boston searching for their son when Lily makes a startling announcement. She tells Rufus she is in love with him and the two unite, meeting with their son’s adoptive father. Although, at the meeting, he tells the birth parents that the boy died in a rip current, even showing the article which “proved” the death. Everything seems normal but at the end of the episode, the adoptive mother arrives on the scene after Lily and Rufus leave and confirms that a fabricated story was told. The new parents have apparently lost a son and do not want to lose another. His fictional death can only cause trouble in the future.

 When returning to Rufus’ loft, hand in hand, Lily and Rufus make an entrance that shows everyone maybe joined together.

 It seems as though Blair is officially done with Chuck. After spotting him with the women in the office, she has had enough. Blair argues that everyone believed in Chuck, everyone but himself. Therefore, the on and off again relationship may be forever doomed.

Other small events occurred, such as Nate and Vanessa’s two month anniversary, which is endearing. It shows they have true commitment to be celebrating. Also, Jenny is getting on Eric’s nerves by showing up on his dates, acting as a third wheel. They joke in the end, saying they are only fighting like family.

Overall, I was extremely happy with this episode. I thought it would end up being predictable and that Lily and Rufus would just argue and come back home without seeing the parents or the son, but I enjoyed being wrong. It threw me off to know that there are still secrets. Also, I love that they held hands as they walked into the apartment, maybe foreshadowing a definite future together. I am slightly disappointed about Blair and Chuck, but it’s time for them to be together or just move on. Next week brings new teachers and new lies.


Spotted: Rating for “Gone With the Will”: A