Gossip Girl “Chuck In Real Life”

As the season changes to fall, many of the characters on “Gossip Girl” transform as well. Dan is asked to try out for St. Jude’s soccer team, the school which Nate attends, and scores a spot on the team. Vanessa has turned to blackmail, using the picture of Catherine and Marcus together in order to get Blair to help save a building from despair. All the while, Blair takes this leverage to make a bet with Chuck. This consists of seducing Vanessa, crushing her and in the end, taking Blair as his prize. 

More drama seems to follow when the Bass family reconnects. Bart is “officially” home, making new rules with Lily that the kids are not accustomed to. Serena acts out and feels as though the men in Lily’s life are controlling and manipulative. Later, she realizes that it is Lily’s fault for not being a proactive mother for 17 years and the family decides to finally cooperate. In relation to the Bass family, we also see that Eric, Serena’s brother, has a new boyfriend named Jonathon.

Nate’s family is in ruins, but he is not admitting this problem. Dan finds Nate’s house completely abandoned with a sleeping bag and few shirts in the middle of the living room. Not only is there no sign of life, but eviction signs are crumbled up on the door step. Dan is worried about his new (and only) guy-friend and decides to persuade him into staying at the Humphrey house.

To finish, after Chuck saves the precious landmark, Vanessa learns his true motives of the bet and decides to tell the owner that Chuck should not be able to buy the building. Blair waits for Chuck in her room; candles alit, only for him to eventually walk out on her when she can’t say the words “I love you”.

In my opinion, this episode was slow paced and there was not enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. Although, it is interesting to see the dynamics of the relationship between Chuck and Blair, and if they will ever truly be together. I am personally rooting for them, but their chasing has been going on for too long. Also, I felt bad for Vanessa because she finally trusted more people in her life only to be let down. Lastly, I hope the Bass family stays on a good path because I dislike the fighting amongst Serena and Lily.

Next week is only around the corner. Xoxo.

Spotted: Rating for the “Chuck In Real Life”: B