Gossip Girl “Bonfire of the Vanity”

Secrets are revealed in the Upper East Side. Jenny and Agnes go to many business meetings, only for them to be worthless when the two girls fight. Jenny decides to finally abandon Agnes and go solo. Agnes discovers this betrayal and destroys Jenny’s clothing, which will not stop her.

Dan receives his recommendation letter for Yale, but only by getting involved in some dirty work. A New York newspaper asks him to do some snooping into the Bass world and find out some scandalous information. Dark secrets are uncovered from a mystery source which reveals that Bart’s building was burnt down due to arsine, which also caused a death. After Chuck informs his father that Dan is working for the paper to write the story, Dan decides to send Bart a copy of his story about Chuck. This eye-opening tale shocks Bart and he decides to get to know his son.

Serena is still very unsure about what is going on with Aaron. After he asks her to be his muse, she hears mixed signals from Blair. Serena realizes that Aaron is only casually dating, and she is disappointed for thinking more of the situation. By the end of the episode, she becomes a free spirit, and the two go for a stroll, rekindling their romance.

Blair is overly delighted to be meeting her mom’s new boyfriend, Cyrus. She hopes for Carry Grant, only to receive a 5-foot hugging machine. She plots to destroy their relationship only to realize he is a truly good man. For Blair’s 18th birthday party he arranges for Cyndi Lauper to perform because he knew that she was a huge fan.

In my opinion, this episode was good, but I didn’t find it thrilling or very shocking. I guessed that Jenny would need to leave Agnes since she was trouble since the beginning. Also, it was very romantic of Aaron to take Serena to Times Square, but their relationship is very odd. I think it’s funny that Blair is already adjusted to Cyrus, and I’m curious how his move-in will affect their future. Lastly, next week’s preview looks even more scandalous and I wonder how things will play out on Thanksgiving for each character. Family brings everyone around the table; I’m sure more secrets will come out.


Spotted: Rating For “Bonfire of the Vanity”: B