Former East student stars in The Grievance Group


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Calling Caste Windows and Doors is a lot like calling any other company. A young gentleman answers the phone and asks what type of windows or doors you would like to place an order to ask questions about an existing order. Little do these customers know that the man behind the phone is an up and coming celebrity.

Chris Cardillo Jr. grew up in Pennsylvania and Cherry Hill and always had a passion for performing. Dancing and playing music since Cardillo’s youth was a leeway into his performing lifestyle. Cardillo grew up as a hip-hop dancer, and although he got a lot of negative feedback from it, it was a pathway into his career.

“[They] thought I wasn’t good enough, I could not get it right, it looked good [when I was dancing in the] club. [I thought] if they can do it, I can do it,” said Cardillo.

Cardillo moved to Cherry Hill during his time in high school, which provided him with many opportunities to help him discover his true passions.

“I came from another school, so I had to take full advantage of all of the activities [East offered], I joined clubs such as Spanish club, Korean club, newspaper [and] track” said Cardillo.

After his time at East came a day that changed Cardillo’s life forever. While Cardillo was spending time with a man he used to record with, he was reading a script and needed someone to fill in, so Cardillo jumped on the chance. The dialogue between the person auditioning and himself got uploaded to the Internet and went viral. From there, Cardillo instantly got calls from agencies and movie companies to star in films.

Cardillo is starring in The Grievance Groups 1, 2 and 3, with the first one premiering on June 23. Cardillo plays a character that joins a support group to help with grieving loved ones. Cardillo has had the chance to work with Brandon Jacobs from Law and Order. Aside from Grievance Group, Cardillo is also starring in the upcoming movie The Mint, with JWOW from Jersey Shore. “JWOW is in The Mint, and she plays my ex. (laughs),” said Cardillo.

Seeing a movie on the big screen is the end result of hundreds of hours of hard work to make the production a success. While Cardillo does not enjoy the writing process of creating a movie, he enjoys the actual acting to make the movie a success.

“My favorite part [of the movie making process] is seeing if I can deliver the lines in a believable way. [In The Grevience Group,] my character is suppose to be a jerk in the beginning; it’s the character you love to hate,” said Cardillo. “[I love when people say] I hated you in the movie.”

While not acting, dancing or producing music, Cardillo is working at a family business, Castle Windows. Between work, dance, acting and being a Girl Scout leader, Cardillo definitely has a full plate in front of him.