For Your Fashion [10]

dsfsThis year was interesting. For the first time, there was a runway show on the Great Wall of China. For the first time high heels and low heels could be found in one shoe, as well as backward heels. This year can be noted for the comeback of sequins and leggings as well as color and never before seen techniques in clothing. This year prominent fashion figures departed- Isabella Blow, stylist, muse and fashion editor; Liz Claiborne the mother of American sportswear; Gianfranco Ferré the designer and “architect of fashion”, and Steve Florio the former CEO of Conde Nast (the publishing company that houses Vogue, Teen Vogue, etc.) May they all rest in peace knowing they did something we all dream of- making a difference and leaving a legacy behind.

However, with the old, comes the new. The departure of fashion figures only brings room for fresh and young people to come and make their mark. 2008 seems like a promising year for the fashion industry as it can only get better than what it is now. With the new year approaching, it’s time to keep the old but embrace the new and what better way to do that then to make Fashion resolutions?

Here is my advice to create a new and improved, more fashionable you.

Clean out your closet. Instead of throwing out clothes that were slightly used, bring them to clothing donation bins or Goodwill. If someone is holding a coat or suit drive, make an effort to help out and donate your suits and coats to them. Another thing you can do is recreate an outfit. If throwing out your beloved clothing is not something you want to do, make it into a bag or transform it into something else. Be creative and reuse, because clothing can be used for other things than just your back.

Discover your personal style.Whether it’s to stand out or to blend in, make an effort to establish who you are. Clothes are meant to make you feel good and to express you. Flip through magazines to see what you like and experiment. Trends are not for everyone. Just because sequins are in style don’t go buying a shirt, skirt and dress all in sequin. Not everything flatters everyone and not everything is your style. “Style is very different from fashion. once you find something that works, keep it.” – Tom Ford, designer

Buy things that go to a good cause. Whether it’s a purchase where part of the profits go to a charity, or it’s a purchase to increase awareness, its feel-good clothing. “Celebrities like Rihanna, Jade Jagger, Good Charlotte, Scissor Sisters, and Timbaland are all teaming up with H&M and Designers Against AIDS (DAA) to launch a clothing collection for guys and girls comprised of T-shirts, tank tops, and hooded sweaters. The goal is to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, which affects many young people between the ages of 15 and 24.” Also in previous articles, I have mentioned things that can be bought for good causes like GAP red shirts and dolce vita bracelets.

Exercise.Lose weight the healthy way. Get in shape to look your best ever especially for spring. Lose the holiday fat to look good in your clothes and to feel good about yourself. After all, that’s what fashion is about looking and feeling good.

Learn more about fashion. Whether it’s clipping out pictures for inspiration, or reading my fashion column, learn something new everyday and make some of those things be about fashion. Learn more about the clothes on your back so that you can make better choices when you buy them. Knowledge is good for the soul and so is fashion so get the best of both worlds and learn about fashion.

Happy New Year! May it be fashionable and fun to the end.

Fashion for Thought:
“There are rules to being a modern romantic, laws really. Simply fall in love with the experience of getting there. You go and change and change again and find your way and that’s the fun part. Borrow ideas and thoughts and try them out until you find your own. Play with your look, dress your outside to match your inside.”
-Kensie Girl