Emblem3 turns its X Factor loss into a success

Emblem3 turns its X Factor loss into a success

Losing The X Factor does not seem to be so bad as former X Factor trio, Emblem3, released its debut album, titled Nothing to Lose on July 30, 2013. The album includes thirteen songs, most of which are light, breezy and upbeat but also a few slow songs making it a great summer album. Though disappointed when the band placed fourth in The X Factor, fans were overjoyed when judge, Simon Cowell, decided to sign the band anyways and they have anticipated the album ever since.

The band is made up of 19-year-old Wesley Stromberg, his 17-year-old brother Keaton Stromberg, and their best friend 20-year-old Drew Chadwick. The Californian natives auditioned for The X Factor last year with an original song called, “Sunset Blvd,” which caught the attention of girls everywhere. With their relaxed-surfer look, the members immediately became heartthrobs and enticed girls even more with their unique beachy-vibe music. The boys were anything but a typical cookie-cutter boyband as they often performed old classics on The X Factor that had similar tropical vibes to their original music, such as “One Day” by Matisyahu. They were different not only because they had a smooth sound, but also because Chadwick adjusted the songs to include original raps that he had written.

E3 released its first official single, “Chloe,” on April 15, 2013 and it became a hit among fans and others. As the fourth track on the album with all three boys on vocals, “Chloe” is an upbeat and catchy tune making it hard to not dance to as soon as it starts playing. The boys show their immense love for their home state of California with songs like “I Love LA” and “Sunset Blvd.”

“Girl Next Door” is one of the best tracks on the album with its feel-good chorus and smooth keyboard melodies that can make any girl feel bubbly upon listening to it. “XO,” co-written by Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden and Benji Madden, presents a catchy whistle-tune along with smooth drumbeats.

The boys slow it down with songs like “3000 miles” that show a softer side as they sing about missing someone who is miles away. The song expresses emotion with lyrics like “I miss the stormy weather/I’m not okay/3000 miles away” perhaps expressing nostalgia for their previous home in Washington before they had moved to California to pursue their music.

Emblem3’s debut album stays true to its unique tropical sound that it embodied while on The X Factor. The entire sound is infectious and cheerful that it is hard not to love the album. The band has come a long way since its X Factor audition and its music seems to be taking the right path that it wanted to go in. E3 is scheduled to go on tour with Selena Gomez starting this month. Emblem3 has given boy bands a whole new meaning as it continues to produce feel-good music that has people falling in love with it every day.