Country singer Chuck Wicks

chuckwicks07a_v_e.jpgChuck Wicks: the next Tim McGraw or Jonny Cash? Probably not.  Chuck Wicks is the newest addition to country music.  Of course he discovered his talent in Nashville, TN after college- possibly a little too late in his life.  He grew up in Smyrna, Delaware, where there are two or three radio stations that play country music without static as a backup singer. His hit song “Stealing Cinderella” is a beautiful song about a guy asking to marry the girl from her father.  I think it is sung very well, but I’m having trouble getting over the fact that he is very unoriginal. 

After listening to his album three or four times I realized that I couldn’t remember any of his songs.  They all pretty much say the same miserable thing about love, which isn’t too entertaining and not always true.  Don’t get me wrong, I think his voice is young and fresh, but he needs to work on his creativity when it comes to writing songs.  I can’t seem to point out one song that made me say “wow”, or made me want to listen to it again.

On the other hand, Wicks has a very good look to him.  This kind of soft pretty boy look will win over all the young, or even old, girls who are country music fans.  He melts your heart with his magnificent brown eyes and killer smile.  The distressing part about it is that it doesn’t help him sing better songs.  Wicks doesn’t seem to me like that he will some day become a Tim McGraw or Jonny Cash.  He has the look, and the voice, but he needs to work on his originality or lack of it, maybe he just might surprise me.