Bones “The Crank in the Shaft”

bonetv.jpgAn elevator malfunction turns into a deadly situation, literally, when a woman’s leg, complete with a high heel, falls through an elevator shaft and into the elevator of an office supply building. The woman is identified as Patty Hoyle, the meanest employee in the building. This knowledge gives everyone in the office motive, making Booth and Brennan’s job that much harder in an office filled with so many cubicles. It also leads our favorite crime fighting duo to consider the idea that there may be more than one killer. 

Meanwhile back at the Jeffersonian, Angela and Hodgins are forced to deal with their new relationship, or lack of one, in the workplace without having it affect their jobs. Also, this week’s intern is Collin Fisher, a former suicide hotline worker whose pessimistic and depressive views on life are what makes this week’s episode one of the funniest that “Bones” fans have seen in quite some time. The portrayal of the character makes Cam, and us, wonder if Mr. Fisher is for or against suicide. The writers finally got the interns down right this week by taking advantage of the fact that this week’s intern won’t be there by next week. 

Back at the J. Edgar Hoover Building, Booth is now fighting with the other FBI agents over the office chair of the former Agent Kelton. This is the best chair in the whole building, with “lumbar support, cushioned arms, [and] Macintosh oak finish,” and Booth believes that the one who owns the chair is the best agent. Booth has come up with everything imaginable to get this chair, including asking both Cam and Brennan for doctors’ notes. Brennan doesn’t write the note, but calls the FBI and tells them about what a great agent Booth is, which helps him get the chair, only for him to discover that it is not as great as he thought it would be. 

All in all, this episode was very entertaining and hilarious – from the chair rivalry to the new intern. The writers did an excellent job this week making up for last week’s disappointment with Zack. 


Overall Grade: A

A+: Episode is nearly perfect. It doesn’t get any better then this
A, A-: Excellent Episode with only minor flaws or imperfections, a must-watch episode for anyone who enjoys TV
B+, B: Good but not great episode, has flaws in a few key areas but still a great television experience
B-, C+, C: Enjoyable show that has some obvious flaws, but has certain aspects that make it a decent show
C-, D+, D: Episode with more weaknesses than strengths, barely watchable. But, worth a look if one is a fan of the genre
F: Episodes receiving this grade are not worth the time. These have numerous shortcomings and flaws. Minimal to zero entertainment value