• ELECTION RESULTS 2019: President; Oliver Adler ('20), Vice President; Jake Brooks ('20), Paul Bruce ('20), Jeffrey Kaminer ('21), and Tyler Semon ('21)

East Wing Bowl ’08: Video Recap

Jared Annarelli ('08)/ Eastside Video Editor

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ttytyrtMeet the Contestants
[gv data=”d1JjPTSWZUg”][/gv]

Round 1 (first group)
[gv data=”NqfX_huvKvY”][/gv]

Round 1 (second group)
[gv data=”xI7lnRcLdbs”][/gv]

Round 2
[gv data=”aTdkjjsWv2M”][/gv]

Round 3
[gv data=”ZM6REeH7YFw”][/gv]

Final Round
[gv data=”a4ycoEbV3RI”][/gv]

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East Wing Bowl ’08: Video Recap