Wawa’s Hoagiefest is a continuous success


Helena Sirken (’15)/ Art Director

Everyone in Cherry Hill, or South Jersey for that matter, is familiar with Wawa Hoagiefest—or at least the commercial’s catchy tunes.  Wawa Hoagiefest signifies the beginning and end of summer as it happens only in the summer.

Wawa Hoagiefest 2013 offered all ten-inch classic hoagies for the price of $4.79 through June 24 until August 18.  People that know of Wawa celebrate Hoagiefest by devouring their favorite hoagie that is always made to order by wearing the popular 60s inspired, tye-dye shirt.

Wawa Inc. started Hoagiefest back in the summer of 2008, which initially priced four selected six-inch “Shorti” hoagies for $2.99.  The point of Hoagiefest six years ago was to relieve Wawa customers from their economic struggles at the time.

In 2008, Wawa reported revenues at 4.7 billion dollars; breaking previous records at 3.9 billion, Wawa decided to reestablish Hoagiefest for several summers to come.

In 2010, Wawa wanted to celebrate the almighty hoagie and took the 1960’s-inspired Hoagiefest on the road.  Though the promotion did not change, people’s feelings toward Hoagiefest did.  Hoagiefest became a celebration for hoagie lovers and could celebrate with Wawa’s Hoagiefest Tour, which included hoagie-eating contests, a chance to win prizes and a special appearance by Hoagiefest’s mascot, Hoagieman.

“Wawa is thrilled to host the Hoagiefest campaign – we can’t think of a better way to thank our associates and customers for their devotion to Wawa hoagies,” said Wawa President and CEO Howard Stoeckel. “It’s all about celebrating our customers’ good taste and treating them to their favorite hoagies at an incredible value.”

To kickoff their annual Wawa’s Hoagiefest Tour, Wawa donates a truckload of food and beverages to a local food bank.  Wawa always seeks opportunities to give back to communities.

Wawa sells on average fifty-six million hoagies annually, making hoagies the most beloved product Wawa has.  Hoagiefest gives customers the chance to try new varieties of hoagies for an affordable price.

Wawa Hoagiefest 2012 was bigger, better and broader.  The brand new promotion, “Hoagiefest: Classic Summer”, allowed hoagie lovers to purchase any ten-inch hoagie for $4.79.  Wawa Hoagiefest still incorporated the psychedelic 60s, but now it had shirts, towels, and songs that corresponded with the theme.

Hoagiefest 2012 had the highest success rate as it initiated the “Bigger and Better Than Ever” campaign which introduced customers to a revamped design, contests and social media games.  Wawa also created a mobile phone app, The Hoagie Tracker, which has customers win prizes, discover new hoagie varieties and spread the word about Hoagiefest through their social medias.

“I don’t know if we thought [Hoagiefest] would ever get this big,” said David Johnston, Wawa’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. “Now it’s a tradition, and it’s been such a hit that we’ve made it a central part of every summer.  It’s just a big party to celebrate something good.”

Wawa’s Hoagiefest defines summer as its commercials center around nostalgic summertime.  Whenever Hoagiefest ends–which is usually mid-to late August–customers have to gear up for the upcoming school and work year.

When all’s said and done, Hoagiefest is one of the best things about summer—just remember to wait thirty minutes after eating that hoagie before taking a swim.