Swim clubs offer alternative to the beach

Swim club poolAs the summer continues, most people are just looking for a way to have some fun in the sun. Of course the beach is always a great option, but local swim clubs can fulfill your need with a much shorter drive, as they also provide you with the other exciting activities they have to offer along the way.

The Woodcrest and Willowdale swim clubs are two of the most popular ones that East students and their families choose to join over the summer.

The Woodcrest swim club has two regular sized pools, as well as a baby pool, to meet the needs of all of its members. The largest pool, with a low and high diving board, was redone throughout the year and finished in time for the summer months. At the Willowdale swim club, there is a regular sized pool and a baby pool, similar to those at Woodcrest.

Both swim clubs offer more than just your choice of pool to swim in for the day. At the Woodcrest swim club, adult members are given the opportunity to participate in several different competitive sports. This includes co-ed volleyball, men’s basketball, men’s and women’s tennis, and men’s and women’s softball leagues. These teams will have the chance to compete against other swim clubs in the area throughout the summer.

For the younger crowd, tennis and swim lessons are offered to members. And, between the ages of 5 and 18, you can choose to be on the swim team for the Woodcrest swim club and compete against other serious swimmers.

The Willowdale swim club offers a six-week program to teach its youngest members and beginning swimmers how to swim. The Learn to Swim program is available for children between the ages of three and six, as long as they are potty trained and able to follow directions. For older children, the swim club offers private swim lessons in order to help them improve on their techniques.

At Willowdale, children that are members as well as nonmembers can go to a small-group tennis clinic at the courts located at the swim club. The children must be at least seven years old to attend the clinic, where they will learn the basic aspects of a tennis game. However, the children must be signed up early as the four-week clinic only has eight spots for the boys and girls to fill over the summer.

Of course, the Willowdale swim club also has a swim team for those more serious and competitive swimmers.

So, why not take your free summer months as an opportunity to get an introduction to a new sport or join a swim team? At that same place you are learning or competing, you will be able to lie around and get your perfect tan, or take a swim when it gets too hot to handle.