Escape the confinement of Cherry Hill by venturing to Philadelphia

Rather than remaining confined to the borders Cherry Hill all weekend, Philadelphia is a short train ride away that allows a fresh change of scenery to unwind from the long week. In addition to the variety of shops, there are several famous historical landmarks, besides the familiar Liberty Bell.

There are countless areas in Philadelphia for all people-history buffs or not-to take in the colonial aspects of the city that make it special. For example, one can go to the house of Betsy Ross, the creator of the American flag. Another place to visit is the Independence National Historic Park. A tour through the park includes viewing the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Congress Hall, Old City Hall and the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site. The city also has a Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial and the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,” a tomb with an eternal flame lit to recognize unknown soldiers who died during the Revolutionary War.

Philadelphia offers colorful, upbeat, experiences that reflect America’s historical culture as well. The city values the various eras of music and the arts that have swept the timeline of Philadelphia’s life. There are a variety of academies and museums that appeal to various groups of people. The Academy of Music, the African American Museum and Freedom Theatre are all examples of the eclectic vibes that Philadelphia provides to its people. The Painted Bride Art Center includes dance, jazz, theater, poetry, gallery, performance works and more. All of these locations trace the evolution of history in the arts of America.

As students at Cherry Hill East grow older and have more freedom to travel outside of the town with friends, they should keep Philadelphia’s variety in mind. Not just another place for shopping, Philadelphia has a depth to it that encourages the youth to step outside of his or her shell and experience the interesting aspects that have shaped American culture.