Back-to-school night a success at East

Parents have a difficult life. Most act as chaperones for their children’s daily activities, day in and day out. This past Wednesday, on October 4th, the parents of East students took a break from their crazy lives and took on a different road, the road of education.While parents encounter traffic in their daily travels, these lucky adults came upon a different form of traffic: other people.

During the annual Back-To-School Night at East, parents fought through traffic in the hallways in order to get around the sometimes unwelcoming school. During this night, after hearing an introduction announcement from Principal Dr. O’Breza, the parents went through their kids’ daily schedules and met their teachers. This process began at 7:00 p.m. in homeroom, which lasted 15 minutes. Here, the parents received their child’s schedule and began their adventure through the roads of East. Parents followed a Day 0 calendar with no labs included. During each period (which lasted only 10 minutes), parents were able to get a feel for their child’s teachers and class curriculum.

Parents could be seen fighting through the traffic on the roads, which students like to refer to as “hallways.” I, as an SGA representative, aided lost parents who needed to be pointed in the right direction.

Besides classes, various clubs were promoted in both cafeterias, where drinks could be found. The night concluded at 9:15 p.m., with tired parents and even more exhausted teachers. Parents took their newly acquired knowledge, and drove home, being aware of any possible people who might get in their way to their final destination: bed.