Spirit Week volleyball tournament serves up an ace

Noah Cohen ('09)/ Eastside Editor-in-Chief

November 19, 2007

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The annual Spirit Week volleyball tournament was held today, November 19, from 4 pm to 6 pm in the DiBart gym. With Mr. CJ Davis, the Coordinator of Student Activities, as the referee, the event was a success. The tournament was two rounds of which the second was best of three games. The seniors sw...

Free-throw contest to benefit cancer research

Joseph Pottackal ('09)/ Eastside Online Editor-in-Chief

October 30, 2007

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Although for dedicated basketball players free-throw shooting may be a painful struggle, a far greater struggle that affects thousands of families across the nation is cancer. In an effort to help put an end to both problems, East’s physical education department has organized the “Foul Shooting for ...

Philadelphia 76ers ’07-’08 Preview

Zack Rosenblatt (’09)/ Eastside Staff

October 28, 2007

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For the first time in 11 years, the Sixers will be beginning the season without the services of Allen Iverson. Without a doubt, Iverson will never be forgotten in local circles for the entertaining 11 (10 and a half actually) years he spent contributing to the Sixers organization. He embodied the word ...

Powder Puff Post Game

George Perilstein ('09)/ Eastside Staff

October 24, 2007

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In a game highlighted by speed, intensity, and excitement, the senior girls defeated the juniors 22-17 in East's annual powder puff football game. Led by Sam Stern ('08), who threw and rushed for over 300 combined yards, the seniors were able to bounce back from an early 3-0 deficit. The junior...

Powder Puff Preview

George Perilstein ('09)/ Eastside Staff

October 19, 2007

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This Sunday, the seniors will square off against the juniors in the always anticipated annual Powder Puff Football game. The seniors are looking to avenge last year’s loss to the class of 2007, while the juniors are seeking a win in their debut game. The senior team, led by Sam Stern (‘08), ...

Recent scandals disgrace professional sports

Dara Weinraub ('09)/ Eastside Sports Editor

September 5, 2007

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Mission: Impossible IV: Fixing the Game. Sorry to disappoint avid fans of the film series, but Tom Cruise is not the star in this epic movie. Instead, professional sports teams and athletes have taken the stage with scandalous behavior. But can this behavior be corrected, or is it in too deep to ...

An outsider’s look at the 2007 Philadelphia Eagles

Jake Stark ('08)/ Eastside Business Manager

August 29, 2007

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“The team to beat.” “The NFC Champion favorites.” Phrases like the aforementioned have been thrown around when discussing the upcoming NFL season. Unlike most members of the Philadelphia media, I don’t even think the Eagles are the team to beat in their own division, let alone the enti...

Wrestling Team Continues Winning Ways

Sam Katz ('07)/ Eastside Editor-in-Chief

January 22, 2007

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At 11-1, the East Varsity Wrestling team has surprised many of their fans and critics thus far this season. Ranked 13th in South Jersey by the Courier Post, East is following up a spectacular, district-winning season with yet another tremendous performance.After losing vital starters Neil Hooley (171...

Cherry Hill East Dance Team to shine at Regionals

Sharon Shapiro ('09)/ Eastside News/Features Editor

December 14, 2006

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While twenty-four girls from all four grades are a part of East’s Dance Team, only the varsity team, which is comprised of fourteen girls, will compete in the upcoming competition.  Last April, the Varsity Dance Team won the National Hip-hop Championships at the Hershey Park ECDA Nationals, and they hope ...

ETI panel discusses MLB free agency and NHL

ETI Panel

November 17, 2006

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The Excuse the Interruption panel discusses this week's biggest topics in sports. If you don't agree with Andrew Newfield ('07), Jason Seher or Josh Weinstock ('07), join the discussion here....

ETI returns to Eastside

Eastside Editorial Board

November 9, 2006

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Excuse the Interruption, a show created by Eastside last year, returns to Eastside Online, available through the host website and as an international podcast. In the first episode, Editor-in-Chief Josh Weinstock ('07) talks to panelists Jeff Bennett ('07), Andrew Newfield ('07) and Jason Seher ('07) abou...

Powder Puff recap: Seniors win 6-0

Zach Maron ('08)/ Eastside Staff

November 2, 2006

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Game-changing plays: 1st Quarter: Juniors' 30-yard reception (V. Tejada to T. Rossi) 1st Quarter: Seniors' 30-yard reception (R. Maggioncalda to C. Marro) 1st Quarter: Juniors' 50-yard punt return (S. Stern) 2nd Quarter: Stern interception stops seniors drive late in half 3rd Quarter: Seniors' 6-yard ...

Powder Puff players to watch

Noah Cohen ('09)/ Eastside Sports Editor

October 26, 2006

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Seniors Player to Watch Quote Position Rachel Maggioncalda “She has the arm of an NFL quarterback.” – Zach Dolchin, Head Coach Quarterback Liz Chung “She is ferocious.” – Dolchin Defensive end Brenna Hones “She has hands of glue.” – Jason Mellman Wide receive...

Soccer seniors get a big surprise

Gina Iannarella ('07)/ Eastside Community Editor

October 20, 2006

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Playing a sport as a senior is a great experience. Seniors get a lot of playing time. They also get respect from underclassmen. With most sports, too, they get Senior Day. Organized by junior athletes, Senior Day is a day on which the players of a particular sport honor the seniors on the team. Yesterday,...

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