Sports world speaks out

Athletes in the sports world speak out.

Nick Gangewere, Eastside Staff

June 17, 2020

We live in a world where success is measured by the number of zeros in one’s bank account and by the accolades one has acquired. A world in which the line between poverty and affluence is so steep that to close it would take a millennium to close the gap. A world that is often portrayed as cold as...

What could’ve been: Girls Lacrosse

Athletes from the girls lacrosse team look back at

Max Gaffin, Eastside News Editor

May 22, 2020

The sisterhood that lacrosse offers is the definition of bonding as a team. As weeks go by without being used, sticks start to unlace and weeds begin to cover the fields that were previously adorned with the cries of victory and the motivation of rough practices. Slowly, the close bonds that stem from...

What could’ve been: Boys Tennis

Members of the boys tennis team look back at

Nick Gangewere, Eastside Staff

May 22, 2020

The tennis courts at Cherry Hill High School East can often be seen with at least one match going on at a time. The snap of the racket as it connects with the neon ball can be heard from classrooms and neighborhoods alike. But not anymore. The courts at East remain eerily quiet, as does every other court...

What Could’ve Been: Spring Sports

East athletes from multiple sports teams look back at

Nick Gangewere, Max Gaffin, and Alexa Atlas

May 15, 2020

What could've been? How well would spring sports teams have performed this season? How many championships would East teams qualify for? Many people keep asking themselves these questions. However, we will never know the answers. We can only imagine the great things that the teams would have accomplished....

What could’ve been: Boys Lacrosse

Some athletes from the boys lacrosse team look back at

Nick Gangewere, Eastside Staff

May 13, 2020

The sun sets over an empty Cougars field for the 60th consecutive day. There have been no face-offs, cross checks or goals since tryouts on March 12th. What was once a promising season has become a schedule filled with blanks across the win-loss columns. But Cougars always find a way to succeed. Athletes...

What could’ve been: Softball

What could've been: Softball

Max Gaffin, Eastside News Editor

May 10, 2020

The gloves are stiffening as weeks go by without being used. The neon green balls endure the wait of being tossed again. The dirt on the diamond remains clean of cleat scrapes, muddy slides and laughter as the sisterhood softball offers disappears from its existence. Athletes are known to persevere....

What could’ve been: Baseball

Athletes on the baseball team look back at

Nick Gangewere, Eastside Staff

May 9, 2020

The dugouts are gaining dust. The field’s grass is overgrowing. There have been no cracks of the bat or snaps of the glove since the last day of tryouts. The sunflower seeds and “Big League Chew” will be stashed away until the troublesome quarantine lifts. Athletes are known to persevere. Whether...

PODCAST: Strong in Sports (Episode 6: Julia Cutler)

Logo for Eastside Podcasts

Defne Alpdogan, Julia Cutler, and Emily Mahaffy

May 4, 2020

Episode 6 of “Strong in Sports” features senior Julia Cutler (‘20), Mahaffy (‘20) and Alpdogan (‘20). Cutler sits down to talk about street hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, her experiences playing for the National Street Hockey Team and what it’s like to be a female student athlete at East.

PODCAST: Strong in Sports (Episode 5: Isabel Andino, Karolyn Merch and Grace Yoon)

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Isabel Andino, Defne Alpdogan, Emily Mahaffy, Karolyn Merch, and Grace Yoon

April 13, 2020

Episode 5 of “Strong in Sports” features seniors Isabel Andino (‘20), Karolyn Merch (‘20), Grace Yoon (‘20), Mahaffy (‘20) and Alpdogan (‘20). Andino, Yoon and Merch sit down to talk about swimming, winning the State Title, the college recruitment process and what it’s like to be a female...

Christina Farley and her impact and experience with East Softball

Christina Farley gets ready to swing as she sits at bat.

Jamie Bookbinder, Eastside Staff

April 13, 2020

After making it to the playoffs last season for the first time in seven years, the East Lady Cougars Softball Team is swinging for the fences and gearing up for another promising season. One key ingredient that truly puts the team over the top: pitcher Christina Farley (’20). Farley, who plays...

Bramnick continues his throwing journey as East’s coach

Bramnick coaches Christian Torres ('20) for javelin, the event Bramnick did himself while at East.

Scout Pullano, Eastside Staff

April 5, 2020

Walking through upstairs B-Wing of Cherry Hill East in 1970, Jeffrey Bramnick (‘72) would have never have guessed that a simple idea proposed by the head track coach, Mr. Tony Sipp, would be integral in his future. He was asked to throw a javelin. According to Bramnick, who was the football team’s...

Christian Torres (‘20) remarkably breaks state record in deadlift

Christian Torres (‘20)   broke the deadlift state record.

Nate Pullano, Eastside Video Editor

April 4, 2020

474 lbs. You could compare this number to the average weight of a tiger, 30 bowling balls, or 50 paint gallons - yeah, it is heavy. As of January 18, 2020, Christian Torres (‘20) achieved something unbelievable when he broke the deadlift state record, which was previously 452 lbs, by 22 lbs in the...

Rani Netz (’21) turns fun game into money making activity

Screen shot of Fortnite playing.

Jacy Dickstein, Eastside Features Editor

April 4, 2020

When some people think of high schoolers working, images of students babysitting or serving at a restaurant may come to mind. However, for Rani Netz (‘21) sitting in front of a screen with a controller pressed into his hand is work. Netz participates in competitions offered on a popular video game...

Sophomores dominate on the court for the Cougars

Best friends, Nathan Belitsky ('22) and Brett Schuster ('22), helped to win the first sectional championship in years.

Samantha Roehl, Eastside Editor-in-Chief

April 3, 2020

Two best friends, growing up playing tennis together, making varsity during freshman year and helping win the first sectional championship in years sounds more like a movie than real life. But for Nathan Belitsky (‘22) and Brett Schuster (‘22), that is exactly what happened. They both grew up...

Behm swims her way to the Olympic Trials

Annie Behm (‘21) swims her way to victory at a meet for East in the backstroke.

Nick Gangewere, Eastside Staff

April 3, 2020

Cherry Hill East’s Annie Behm (‘21) is making history one stroke at a time. Behm reached a monumental milestone at the NJ BAC Winter Invitational in January by beating the 2020 Olympic trials qualification time in both the 100m and 200m backstrokes. About 1,300 swimmers will be invited to the event...