For Your Fashion [2]

Andrea Maeng (’09)/ For Eastside

October 7, 2007

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Note: Look at the album of pictures at the end to get a richer understanding of the recent fashion trends. Is Fashion Frivolous? friv·o·lous (adj.) 1. Unworthy of serious attention; trivial: a frivolous novel. 2. Inappropriately silly: a frivolous purchase. [Middle English, probably from ...

For Your Fashion [1]

Andrea Maeng (’09)/ For Eastside

September 29, 2007

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It’s finally happened! The ultimate source for what’s going on in fashion can now be found as a part of the school (online) newspaper. Whether you’re too busy juggling sports/activities and academics, or dealing with the things that come as part of being a teenager, its no excuse to be obli...

Class ranking paints a misleading picture

Karly Bader ('08)/ Eastside Opinions Editor

July 19, 2007

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This year I will join my fellow seniors in the frantic and nerve-racking task of applying to the colleges and universities of my choice. When I send in my formal application, the admissions officers will consider many factors in deciding whether or not to grant me entrance into their school: SAT I and...

Students leave school early in preparation for SAT test

Madeleine Martin-Seaver ('07)/ Eastside Entertainment Editor

October 19, 2006

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In an effort to get last minute studying in, many of East’s seniors left early for Saturday morning’s SATs. For early decision applicants, the October tests are the last chance to boost scores before the due dates. Regular decision applicants can put it off until November or even December, but...

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