The rift between Democrats and Republicans continues to grow wider.

Political divides grow wider locally and nationally

Our political climate has been increasingly polarizing. At a time when the middle ground seems non-existent, it is hard to speak about political views and current hot topics and issues. At a time when...

Outlook email notifications should be altered to become more efficient for the students.

Should East change the system of receiving notifications for all Google Classroom posts from Outlook?

Shayna Oppen, Eastside Staff March 6, 2021

This year teachers and students were put in a challenging situation when it came to getting work done and receiving work. I believe that the school has done a great job using Google Classroom, but is Outlook...

Due to this unpredictable school year, final exams may be altered to in response to these circumstances.

Should Final Exams take place as the standard written test or as a Capstone activity?

Anna Neubauer, Eastside Staff March 6, 2021

It is clear that this year has been like no other, due to the raging Covid-19 pandemic. Many students have not had a single class in person, and the majority of students are learning from their homes....

Former president Donald Trump's Twitter account was suspended after spreading false misinformation and inciting violence, which violated Twitter's user policies.

Social media platforms’ decisions to ban Trump were justified

Elizabeth Cohen, Eastside Staff February 18, 2021

Former president Donald Trump has been banned from many social media platforms in the past month, and that has led to a robust debate about whether social media platforms should have the power to ban people...

Group projects allow students to communicate more with each other as most of the social aspect of learning has been taken away due to the pandemic.

From group projects to breakout rooms, are they necessary to online learning?

Ellie Noh, Eastside Staff February 8, 2021

As this pandemic urges on, we are continuing to adapt to sudden and unexpected circumstances. Many of us would never have imagined attending school through a computer screen and clicking a button to turn...

Former President Donald Trump left the White House for the last time on Wednesday after inciting Capitol riots.

Addressing the Capitol riots

Lauren Winslow, Eastside Staff January 22, 2021

When one thinks of a leader, typically one envisions a strong and courageous man or woman who acts for the greater good, no matter what personal beliefs they hold. Recently, President Donald Trump has...

Lewis Hamilton has been recently been labeled as the

Why There Is No True “Greatest of All Time”

Marissa Zeuli, Eastside Staff January 22, 2021

Every generation tends to have one athlete that they look up to and call the greatest of all time. This also tends to happen within each sport. Unfortunately, it is simply not that simple. The label...

Before the pandemic, snow meant a possibility that there was no school for the day. But does the implementation of virtual learning spell the end of snow days?

Snow days: A thing of the past or a continued tradition?

Harry Turner, Eastside Staff January 6, 2021

For as long as current students can remember, closing school for a snow day has been a coveted experience for all. Whether it's going sledding, building a snowman, or sipping hot chocolate while watching...

The Cherry Hill School District provided Chromebooks to families that needed them in March, and people have continued to rely on them for academic purposes.

Students rely on digital technology during the pandemic

Aakriti Mishra, Eastside Staff December 9, 2020

With this pandemic, people have become more dependent on digital technology, from Zoom calls to shopping online. Digital technology is also being used for the research on the coronavirus, in addition to...

Students are using interactive websites more than ever because of online learning, one of which is Edpuzzle.

East uses interactive learning websites

Abigail Nahum, Eastside Staff December 9, 2020

Online learning this year at Cherry Hill East means new ways of learning. This year, East teachers have been using new websites. My personal opinion on these websites is that they make class more fun....

We must take appropriate measures to remain safe during Thanksgiving.

We must remain safe during the Thanksgiving holiday

Lauren Winslow, Eastside Staff November 24, 2020

Over the course of the past year, people all around the world have been forced to adjust their lives due to the ongoing pandemic. With the holiday season quickly approaching, many Americans are struggling...

Students must work in front of computers for more hours than before the pandemic because of remote learning.

Online school affects students’ sleep schedule

Batul Elbarouki, Eastside Staff November 17, 2020

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, schools across the country are dealing with whether to allow students back into school. In Cherry Hill for almost 3 months, teachers have taken on teaching their...

Remote learning is the better choice for the public health of our community and students.

Students should remain safe during these unprecedented times with remote learning

Alexandria Fay, Eastside Staff November 17, 2020

As of November 13th, the U.S. reported 163,402 more coronavirus cases, which is the highest it's been since July. The United States has reached above 8 million coronavirus cases. Experts predict that the...

High school students will either return to school or stay at home following this new schedule.

Assessing the weaknesses and strengths of the new hybrid schedule

Ceren Kose, Eastside Staff November 17, 2020

The Cherry Hill School District has decided to start hybrid learning on November 17, 2020, and they have given the parents and students the opportunity to decide whether they want to attend school through...

Online learning needs some changes.

Online learning keeps students safe, but it needs some changes.

Nysa Chawla, Eastside Staff November 17, 2020

Do you get up, roll out of bed, and log onto your computer every morning? Chances are, this has been your morning routine for two months of high school online learning. Although we are guaranteed the necessary...

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