Why “Cancel culture” should be canceled

Why “Cancel culture” should be canceled

Angelina Witting, Eastside Culture Editor

May 1, 2020

In March of 2020, famous actress Vanessa Hudgens made a video commenting on the Coronavirus that many viewers deemed “insensitive”. “Coronavirus: Vanessa Hudgens ‘canceled’ for trivialising pandemic response”. This headline published by NewsHub was not the only of its kind-many entertainment...

Finally Listening to the Voters, the Trump Campaign Plans Smart, Necessary Changes

Donald Trump talks to the press on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jacob Graff, Eastside Opinions Editor

May 1, 2020

The people are listening, and they are evaluating. After months of publicized inefficiency at all levels of government, the Trump reelection effort has hit a snag; a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania showed former Vice President Biden with a 45%-39% advantage over the...

CHE must show support for East’s female athletes

CHE girl's basketball plays in a much different crowd size then the boy's basketball team.

Emily Mahaffy, Eastside Features Editor

March 30, 2020

Five seconds left on the clock. Number 14 gets the ball. She shoots, she scores! The buzzer sounds. The crowd goes crazy! Except they don’t; no one is there to cheer. Why? Shouldn’t the cheers be louder than the buzzer? For most girls’ teams, this is the startling truth. It’s not a secret...

China and the Coronavirus

Chinese officials have come under heavy scrutiny over their secrecy in the wake of the coronavirus.

Aiden Rood and Jake Silvert

March 14, 2020

The deadly Coronavirus has killed hundreds of people in China and around the world. Or… is it tens of thousands? More? We cannot be sure at the moment, and that fact is almost as big of a problem as the virus itself.

Mainstream media represents real stories as clickbait

Mainstream media represents real stories as clickbait

Jake Silvert, Eastside Opinions Editor

March 5, 2020

Every other week another bombshell news story breaks. This story dominates coverage for days and the media feverishly attempts to squeeze as much hysteria out of it as possible. For those few days, the world will never be the same; this unprecedented, never-before-seen story will be the one that takes...

Society has to finally embrace privacy by rejecting the paparazzi

Society has to finally embrace privacy by rejecting the paparazzi

Jacob Graff, Eastside Opinions Editor

March 4, 2020

There was never any reason for the existence of the media uproar surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to remove themselves from the Royal Family. In fact, since the inception of their public life, it always seemed like their futures lied some distance away from that of Harry’s brother,...

Trump was not right in using his pardoning powers based upon personal connections

Trump was unjustified in the use of his pardons.

James Kwak, Eastside Staff

March 3, 2020

Trump issued seven pardons and four commutations on February 18. Some people see Trump as intruding on the justice system, while others believe that the pardons and commutations were justified. Trump’s power to pardon is unquestionable as it is specifically stated as a power given to the president...

Radical activists earned their part in Black history

Radical activists earned their part in Black history

Harry Green, Eastside Opinions Editor

March 3, 2020

Featured in Eastside 2020 issue Since 1976, people across the United States have celebrated Black History Month in February. This is seen as a time to celebrate the culture and accomplishments of African Americans. Each year, people like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther Ki...

Which candidates have the right idea on healthcare?

Sanders and Warren display support for medicare for all in front of supporting crowd.

Brielle Lampf, Eastside Staff

February 27, 2020

America is in the midst of preparation for the next presidential election. The Democratic candidates are trying to make the climb to the top the polls, and in the process, preaching how they feel about universal healthcare. Healthcare has become a major point of discussion in America over the last few...

The United States should ban the use of genetic manipulation technology

The United States should ban gene modification for the safety of Americans

Lauren Winslow, Eastside Staff

February 24, 2020

Take a moment to look around the room and notice the physical differences of your peers. Now fast forward one hundred years, but this time, as you glance around, it will seem as if you are constantly seeing mirror-like reflections of your own image. You appear more “superior” due to your parent's...

The United States must replace the Iowa caucus with a more fair system

The Iowa Caucus' results are embroiled in controversy

Aiden Rood, Eastside Staff

February 19, 2020

Des Moines, we have a problem. That’s the message Democratic party officials in Iowa were hearing on caucus night a few weeks ago; and it’s the message we need to send to Democratic party leadership to secure a fairer future. Every Presidential election, the parties kick off their nomination processes...

The United States should remove the words “under god” from the pledge of allegiance

All mention of religion must be removed from the pledge of allegiance

Aiden Rood, Eastside Staff

February 19, 2020

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation, under… silence. That’s what you’ll hear if you listen in to my recital of the pledge of allegiance each morning at 7:30 a.m. After those around me say “under God,” I continue...

East should implement new procedures that help to prevent school shootings.

Students around the world work hard to prevent school shootings.

Lauren Winslow, Eastside Staff

February 18, 2020

Sandy Hook. Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Columbine. Sante Fe. Stockton. These five schools, as well as 175 others, have been forced to endure the loss of their students and staff due to school shootings over the course of the last ten years. In the past, experiencing a school shooting seemed like a one...

East students should not be permitted to attend sports practices during break

East should not hold sports practices during winter and spring break.

Jessica Levin, Eastside Business Manager

February 10, 2020

Over winter and spring break, many families at East look forward to a nice break where they can spend time together, or maybe even celebrate a holiday together. However, this is not possible due to the intense practice schedules during break. East students are required to be at practice almost every...

Pro Republica: New Jersey should move its primary up

New Jersey should move up its Primary Elections.

Aine Pierre, Eastside Editor-In-Chief

February 3, 2020

As of this writing, voting in the 2020 presidential election has officially begun in Iowa - a state of just over 3 million people - as part of their “first-in-the-nation” caucuses. Before the month is over, voters in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada will go to the polls to determine the Democratic...