The clothes you buy help fuel a flawed global system

Gilana Levavi ('14) / Eastside Opinions Editor

July 5, 2013

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Check the labels of the clothing you are wearing. Chances are, few of your clothes were made in the United States. In fact, 98 percent of the clothing purchased in this country was imported from abroad. Much of the clothing we wear is pr...

Obama hosts National Conference on Mental Health

Gilana Levavi('14)/ Eastside Opinions Editor

June 16, 2013

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On June 3, President Obama held a National Conference on Mental Health.  The purpose of the conference was, as the president put it, to “bring mental illness out of the shadows.” The day-long event brought together health...

Harnessing the power of social media in the aftermath of the Boston tragedy

Gilana Levavi ('14)/Eastside Opinions Editor

April 30, 2013

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Social media is arguably the most powerful force that has emerged in the last decade. The aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings illustrates this point perhaps more clearly than ever. According to a report from the Pew Research...

The tragedy of Aurora: a chance to strengthen American gun control

Kyle Bigley ('13)/ Eastside Staff

July 23, 2012

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The tragedy of Aurora, Colorado, has left in its wake twelve killed, dozens more wounded and numberless counts of heartbreak and grief, but perhaps the shooting may have some good in it, if and only if it forces the United States...

Opinion: current currency leaves the blind in the dark

Amy Meyers ('13)/ Opinions Editor

July 19, 2012

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The exchange of currency is a universal practice: passed from person to person, here to there, and object to object without making a large indentation in any particular individual’s life. Now, just imagine a world where people...

Student discusses atheism and the role of secularism in government

Kyle Bigley ('13)/Staff Writer

June 29, 2012

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When President Obama formally announced his support for gay marriage, it seemed as if the culmination of the LGBT movement had arrived after decades of struggle—finally and rightfully, the leader of the nation had taken the...

Promiscuous television should be censored, influencing teen population

Sydney Gore ('11)/Eastside staff

February 16, 2011

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In a society where knowledge is easily accessible on the Internet and anything can be shown on television, the generation of 2010 no longer separates business from pleasure. America’s youth is becoming corrupted by television...

Marijuana should stay illegal

Carly Zive ('12)/Eastside staff

December 6, 2010

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In the United States today, 2.7 million people are abusing drugs. One of the most popular drugs among those abused is marijuana, which is technically known as cannabis, but commonly referred to as pot, weed, and hash, among other...

Vick’s second chance

Taylor Brody ('11)/ For Eastside and Taylor Brody ('11)/ For Eastside

August 24, 2009

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Nobody saw this coming. Neither did I. That's until my father called me with the news: "The Eagles signed Michael Vick!" After a few minutes of "What the..." and "Wow!", it drew on me that many people weren't going to...

Ticketmaster: a legal scam?

Jason Cominetto ('10)/Eastside Underground Editor

May 12, 2009

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Let's not beat around the bush here: the music industry is spiraling downwards. With the possibility of illegal downloading of music reaching the general public a few years ago, the activity has only increased to new heights in...

Reform necessary in American healthcare

Naveen Yarlagadda ('11)/Eastside Staff

May 10, 2009

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A patient walks into a medical practice and wishes to have appropriate medical treatment for her irritated arm. The patient presents an insurance card to the secretary but is denied treatment because her insurance company is not...

Microwave dinner not the safest bet

Naveen Yarlagadda ('11)

February 7, 2009

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When Percy Spencer invented the microwave, it changed the world dramatically. People would no longer have to wait endless hours while cooking their food in an old-fashioned oven. Instead, using the microwave has allowed them to...

The gamer, not the game itself, responsible for violence

Noah Cohen ('09)/Eastside Editor-in-Chief

January 25, 2009

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When one enters the virtual world, one can feel an odd sense of freedom and uncertainty.  Video games today have grown to newer heights and the virtual world has become more intense as a result.  Often criticized for their harmful...

News reports publish illegal ages of chinese gymnasts

Naveen Yarlagadda ('11)/ Eastside staff

August 22, 2008

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The camera zooms in on a pale young girl’s face drenched in make-up. The crowd roars and flashes go off everywhere as Yang Yilin of China’s women’s gymnastics team takes her position to compete. Her eyes move in every directi...

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