Santa Montefiore’s “The Girl in the Castle” trilogy continues to captivate

Meghna Thomas, Eastside Staff

January 17, 2019

English Sunday Times best-selling author Santa Montefiore has written sixteen bestselling novels, which have been translated into thirty different languages and have sold two million copies around the world. Her books captivate and thrill readers with their complex characters, unique plots and beau...

What’s new with Microsoft: October Event Edition

The Microsoft logo is proudly displayed at the entrance to the event.

Eli Weitzman, Eastside Webmaster

October 3, 2018

This piece is written for the What the Tech?! column, and is the conclusion in a 2-part series of stories covering a Microsoft Event in New York City. To read the preview, click here. On Oct. 2, Microsoft hosted an event which, to say the least, was named with an understatement. The invitation read, “A Mome...

Microsoft October Event Predictions

Microsoft's invitation gives away no spoilers, as it only requests

Eli Weitzman, Eastside Webmaster

September 28, 2018

This piece is written for the What the Tech?! column, and is the first in a 2-part series of stories covering a Microsoft Event in New York City. Next week, Microsoft will hold an event in New York. I will be there to cover the latest, so let’s quickly look at what they may announce. Most Li...

“BlacKkKlansman” shows racism alive and well in America

Image courtesy of Vulture.

Harry Green, Eastside Online Editor

August 31, 2018

In BlacKkKlansman, Director Spike Lee follows Ron Stallworth, a young African American living in Colorado Springs. Stallworth, hoping to make a difference in his community, decides to join the police force. At the film’s onset, the Colorado Springs Police Department has never before employed an Af...

Made In America 2018: Artists to look out for

Attendees of last year's Made In America festival dance to a headliner performance. This year's show will feature a mix of big-name artists and talented indie stars. Photo courtesy of Festival Life.

Zoe Culver, Eastside Culture Editor

August 24, 2018

The Made in America Festival will return again this Labor Day weekend to the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Made in America is a two-day music festival in Philadelphia. Each year, the Made in America lineup is curated by the festival’s founder, Jay-Z. As one of the biggest n...

New Broadway musical Be More Chill delights audiences

New Broadway musical Be More Chill delights audiences

Samantha Roehl, Eastside Features Editor

August 18, 2018

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you a book about a sketchy pill-shaped supercomputer sold by a man in the back of a Payless Shoesource, make a hit musical. Based on the 2004 novel Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini, the musical of the same title has music and lyrics by Joe Iconis and a book by Joe Tracz. After premiering in 2015 in New Jersey, it reo...

Culture Shock: Editor discovers regional differences down South

Courtesy of Talk Of The Trains

Claire Joanson, Eastside Culture Editor

August 14, 2018

Last week, I visited Charleston, South Carolina. Located 685 miles from the heart of Cherry Hill - which translates to a 12 hour drive - the city is a prime example of how culture can vary not only from country to country, but even from within one nation. Behavior: Walking down the streets of Charl...

Here we go again: New “Mamma Mia” movie is just your typical sequel

Here we go again: New

Dakota Rosen, Eastside Business Manager

August 12, 2018

Exactly 10 years after Mamma Mia! was released, its sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again has hit theaters. The story takes it back to 1979, as young Donna (played by Lily James) journeys to Greece, along the way meeting, Harry (Hugh Skinner), Bill (Josh Dylan), and Sam (Jeremy Irvine)--her soon-to-be daugh...

What the Tech?!: Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars, such as this Tesla Model S, have been involved in multiple crashes in recent years.

Eli Weitzman, Eastside Webmaster

July 1, 2018

The world of technology never sleeps, nor takes a break in the summer. So, I’m back again! Welcome to a very special summer edition of “What the Tech?!.” Just a note to y’all, I am currently living in Redmond, Washington for the summer, working at a Microsoft internship. But enough about that. Let’s ...

Expect to see more CGI Influencers like Lil Miquela on your Instagram feed

Expect to see more CGI Influencers like Lil Miquela on your Instagram feed

Nafessa Jaigirdar, Eastside Editor in Chief

June 30, 2018

Pictured alongside social media guru Kylie Jenner and internet phenomena Rihanna on TIME Magazine’s highly anticipated list of The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet is 19-year-old Miquela Sousa, better known by her Instagram name, @lilmiquela. With her effortlessly good looks and philosophical se...

J Balvin’s newest album, Vibras, includes more amazing Latin Pop music, with a twist

J Balvin's latest album puts a new twist on his classic style.

Defne Alpdogan, Eastside News Editor

June 20, 2018

J Cascading on the recent Latin Pop and Latin dance phase, Mi Gente singer, J Balvin released his highly anticipated album, Vibras, on May 25.  J Balvin a 33-year-old Colombian singer emerged as a reggaetón singer in 2004. His most notable hit in the United States would be Mi Gente that topped cha...

“Blood Diamond” and it’s cultural impact

The film, Blood Diamond, that the story all revolves around.

Jakob Silvert, Eastside Staff

June 13, 2018

“Blood Diamond” by Edward Zick presented a dark side of the African world of which Hollywood had never seen before. Three characters of widely different backgrounds come together in the search for an extremely sought after gem. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the film playing Danny Archer, a nati...

Melody’s Echo Chamber makes a return with ‘Bon Voyage’

Melody's Echo Chamber's latest album, Bon Voyage

Zoe Culver, Eastside Staff

June 13, 2018

After a five year hiatus, Melody’s Echo Chamber has made her return to music. Known for her psychedelic rock sound, Melody Prochet, better known as “Melody’s Echo Chamber” has not released music since her last album, Melody’s Echo Chamber, in 2013. Melody recently announced that she will be dropping ...

Panic! At The Disco releases new album “Pray for the Wicked”

Panic! At The Disco's latest album,

Samantha Roehl, Eastside Staff

June 9, 2018

One week ago, Panic! at the Disco released the third song from their newest album Pray for the Wicked. The full album, which is going to have eleven tracks, will be fully released on June 22, 2018. The album has so far been steeped in mystery and mystique. People on Panic! at the Disco’s email list ha...

The Party brings classic cinema technique to the modern day

The Party stars Kristin Scott Thomas as Janet, one of the main characters of the film.

Mandi Karpo, Eastside Staff

June 9, 2018

In attempt to bring her closest friends together to celebrate her political ascension as Minister of London, Janet, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, embarks on a series of dramatic events which later shadow the true reason for their gathering. Starting off as a sophisticated soiree, it begins to unravel...