I can only express my true thoughts and feelings through deep, metaphorical, Shakespearean, poems

Lulu Pao ('12)

March 14, 2011

True beauty ist thine nature. The life we liveth now is the façade for unknown horrors; unspeakable mistreasures; masked misery with which we associate our lifeless bodies. These halls host the shadows we overlook to camouflage the pain w...

Eastcast Eight Grade Open House Coverage

March 14, 2010

[youtube IAUsb0iskpE]

Eastcast Wing Bowl Coverage

March 14, 2010

[youtube zGnsFZKqvuU]

Eastcast now online

Eastside Editorial Board

March 14, 2010

Cherry Hill East's broadcast television show, Eastcast, can now be viewed online.  Justin Wachman ('10) will be uploading all episodes for the remainder of the year.  They will be accessible under the VIDEO tab on Eastside Online.