Oscars 2012 Preview

February 26, 2012

Manuary Officially Returns (print story follow-up)

Kobi Malamud ('12)/Eastside Radio Manager

February 2, 2012

It is now official: Manuary is coming back.  After diehard follower Magnus von Steelson began an intense moment to override the government’s abolition of his favorite holiday, government officials began to take notice.  Collecting...

School Store Opens

Kobi Malamud ('12)/Eastside Radio Manager

December 19, 2011

Monday marked the much anticipated opening of the week-long opportunity to purchase clothes, food, and apparel from Cougar Town, East’s school store, at discounted prices. The school store, known around East for specializing...

Flyers Talk Show 11.30.11 by Eastside_Radio

Flyers Talk Show 11.30.11

December 2, 2011