Senior Perspectives: Dani Lazarus

Dani Lazarus, For Eastside

March 3, 2020

Before classes even started, my experience at East began with pre-season practice with the cross-country team. I am not exactly one who jumps out of bed ready to go; yet, on day one of the July pre-season practice, I was told...

Senior Perspectives: Cassie Cuddihy

Cassie Cuddihy, For Eastside

March 3, 2020

In my time at East, I have been a very active member of the student body throughout various aspects of student life. My involvement in programs such as the music department, theater department, Interact Club and academic hono...

Senior Perspectives: Seth Treiman

Seth Treiman, For Eastside

March 3, 2020

Throughout high school, we are often told that these last four years leading up to adulthood will be some of the most formative years of our life. Coming into high school, I doubted this idea and just thought high school would ...

Senior Perspectives: Julia Langmuir

Julia Langmuir, For Eastside

March 3, 2020

At every East back-to-school night, freshman orientation and school tour over the past four years, I have given incoming parents and students the same advice I received freshman year: try everything. I remember being told that the ...

Senior Perspectives: Saurabh Shah

Saurabh Shah, For Eastside

March 3, 2020

Well, this is weird. I remember being a freshman “reading” senior perspectives, never believing I’d ever get to the point where I’d write my own. And here I am, three years later, typing out this perspective in stat ...