Students don the costumes of their video game characters to show pride

Danielle Fox ('13)/Eastside entertainment editor

November 23, 2011

East students flaunted their best classic video game characters today, kicking off day five of Spirit Week. Students were seen strutting the hallways in outfits emulating many of the classic characters, such as Donkey Kong and...

Spirit Week Dance Competition Results: Mario conquers all.

Kayla Schorr ('14)/Eastside News/Features Editor

November 23, 2011

On Wednesday, November 22, the Spirit Week Dance Competition took place, resulting in a surprising outcome regarding the victory placement. The seniors earned their first-place ranking with their classic Super Mario Brothers theme. ...

When life gives you lemons, East students use them to compete for spirit week

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online news and sports editor

November 21, 2011

Today, East students competed in Spirit Week Games in the cafeteria during their lunch periods to earn points for the grade. The competition was to "make" lemonade: eat one lemon, three spoonfuls of sugar, drink a glass of water,...

Seniors continue their winning streak with crazy hair day

Hannah Feinberg ('12)/Eastside Underground Editor

November 21, 2011

Seniors crimped, braided and dyed their way to victory on Crazy Hair Day this Monday, maintaining the seniors’ lead into the second week of Spirit Week.  Sophomores took second in the event, followed by juniors in third place...

Students dance the night away at Homecoming

Juliet Brooks ('13)/Eastside News/Features Editor

November 19, 2011

The Homecoming dance took place yesterday, November 18, in Cafeteria One from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. The attendance records and corresponding Spirit Week points went in order of grade level—the seniors had the best showing, then...

Students show both spirit for school and their favorite teams on Jersey Day

Emmy Silverman ('13)/Eastside Sports Editor

November 18, 2011

Today the whole school was able to show their pride for their favorite sports team while receiving spirit week points. “I wore this jersey,” pointing to her powder puff jersey,” to show my spirit for the juniors because junior...

Spirit week booth competition results

Jack Braunstein ('13)/Eastside Underground editor

November 18, 2011

The Spirit Week booth-judging contest occurred today in Cafeterias One and Two. The Senior Class won first place, followed by the Juniors in second and the Freshmen beating out the Sophmores for third place. In the annual booth...

East Robotics prepares for competition

Danielle Fox ('13)/Eastside Entertainment Editor

November 18, 2011

East’s Robotics Club met Monday, November 14 after to school to prepare for their upcoming competition. Because the bots have to be complete by this Friday, the avid club members are working hard to ensure that all parts...

Panchero’s night adds some spice to the week

Bryan Sheehan ('13)/Eastside Humor Editor

November 18, 2011

On Wednesday, November 16, Panchero’s hosted “Dollar Burrito Night”, and in two short hours it is estimated that over 600 people attended. “The line was out the door and down the street,” said Allen Parker (’13)...

Democrats retaliate with coffee party

Juliet Brooks ('13)/Eastside News/Features Editor

November 18, 2011

The Democratic Party announced today that they are no longer waiting for an invitation to the Republican Tea Party.  "I'm really hurt," President Barack Obama said in an official statement this morning. "I've been waiti...

Filipino Culture Club hosts egg-roll making tutorial

Sherin Nassar ('13)/Eastside humor editor

November 15, 2011

Forget dumplings! Throw away your noodles! Look past your fortune cookies! The Filipino Culture society made a tasty splash today afterschool with their egg-roll cooking tutorial meeting, which took place in the cooking room....

Nuclear power should be used despite setbacks

Gabrielle Okun ('13)/Eastside staff

November 15, 2011

At Centraco Nuclear site in Paris; located near the Mediterranean Sea, there was a nuclear waste explosion.  Though, “the accident was under control in an hour” said agency; the explosion killed one person, severely burnt...

New Girl: season 1, episode 4

Rachel Sklar ('15)/Eastside staff

November 15, 2011

This new episode of “New Girl” jumps right back into Jess’s life, and, of course, she is still trying to fit in with the rest of the guys. Her attempt to connect with them over activities like scary movies and dates is what...

You wanna be on top?: America’s Next Top Model All Stars, episode 9

Shanice Davis ('12)/Eastside staff

November 15, 2011

Only six girls are left at the beginning of episode nine. Everyone starts to feel the pressure of the competition until fashion editor André Leon Talley stops by the house to announce that the ladies will be heading to Greece. Although...

You wanna be on top?: America’s Next Top Model All Stars, episode 8

Shanice Davis ('12)/Eastside staff

November 15, 2011

Episode eight opens up with a very proud Lisa. “I was super relieved because I won best photo which is awesome. I think that once you’re on top, there is definitely a lot of pressure to stay up there, but I just think that...